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NOW TV hayu Pass

Is NOW TV's hayu Pass right for you?

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What is hayu on NOW TV?

The NOW TV hayu Pass gives you access to thousands of episodes of reality TV on demand. Many shows are aired on the very same day that they are shown in the US, so you’ll never be out of the loop with the latest happenings.

How much is a NOW TV hayu Pass?

All the reality TV goodness you could ever desire is available to you for just £4.99 per month - which you can cancel whenever you choose.

What’s more is that if you are a new member, or a NOW TV member who has never had a hayu Pass, you can take advantage of a free 7 day trial so you can check out the service before you buy.

When exactly will US shows be aired on hayu Pass?

Episodes of US shows are available on the hayu Pass before the end of the day on which an episode airs in the US. Due to the time difference between the UK and US, this may mean that the show is available on a different date in the UK (but it will still be the same day as the premiere in the US).

As an example, if an episode premieres on the 5 August at 9pm in the US, then the episode will be available in the UK no later than 8am UK time on 6 August. This is because 8am UK time on 6 August is midnight on the 5th August in the US. So the episode will have gone live in the UK before the end of the day in the US.

Can I watch hayu Pass in full HD with NOW TV Boost?

At present there is a very limited selection of shows that are available in full HD with enhanced sound on the hayu Pass. However, if you have NOW TV Boost, you can still watch on up to 3 devices simultaneously.

Can I download episodes for offline viewing with hayu Pass?

You can download episodes to watch at your convenience if you have an Android or Apple device. Note: sometimes you’ll need to update the NOW TV app for this to function properly.

You can download each episode twice, and this will be kept on your device for 30 days. Once you begin watching an episode, you can watch it as many times as you want within the next 48 hours.

Do I need a fast broadband connection to watch hayu Pass?

You don’t need the quickest connection in the world to enjoy the hayu Pass, but a minimum download speed of 2.5Mbps is recommended for most NOW TV Passes.

Don’t fret if your connection isn’t quite nimble enough to handle the hayu Pass. You can upgrade your connection in no time by using our handy tool to compare broadband deals in your area. Just fill in a few details and we’ll find the best deals that suit your needs in a matter of minutes.

How to cancel NOW TV hayu Pass

If you want to cancel your NOW TV hayu Pass, you can do so at any time.

Just go to ‘Passes & vouchers’ on the NOW TV website and click on ‘Cancel Pass’ next to ‘hayu Pass’. There are a few steps on screen that you will need to follow, and then your pass will be cancelled.

NOW TV hayu Pass for new customers

You’ll need to get a NOW TV account to get your hayu Pass. Click on‘TV Passes’ on, and then select ‘Choose your Pass’.

New customers can enjoy a 7 day free trial by choosing ‘Start 7 day free trial’ next to hayu Pass. Just fill in a few details and you can start binging straight after.

NOW TV hayu Pass for existing customers

Existing customers need to go to ‘My Account’ and then select ‘Passes & vouchers’. If you’ve never had a hayu Pass before you can choose a 7 day free trial by clicking ‘Start free trial’. Select ‘Buy Pass’, if you just watch to purchase a pass.

NOW TV hayu Pass for BT customers

BT customers can add hayu Pass to their TV package as a bolt-on. Just click on ‘Buy Pass’ in the ‘Passes & vouchers’ section and the fee will be added to the monthly bill you get from BT.