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Plusnet fibre deals explained & compared

Compare Plusnet's fibre broadband packages by speed, price, and extras.

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Plusnet fibre packages

Plusnet is well known in the UK for providing cheap, no-frills broadband. But how basic are their packages? In fact, the download speeds offered by Plusnet’s fibre deals match those of its closest rivals, and you’ll struggle to find them for a better price.

Plusnet currently offers two tiers of fibre connection: Unlimited Fibre and Unlimited Fibre Extra. But what’s the difference? And which package will be right for your household? Read on to find out.

Plusnet fibre deals at a glance

Deal Unlimited Fibre Unlimited Fibre Extra Full Fibre 74 Full Fibre 145 Full Fibre 500
Download Speed 36Mbps 66Mbps 74Mbps 145Mbps 500Mbps
Time to download a 2hr HD movie 15 minutes 8 minutes 7 minutes 3.5 minutes 1 minute
Upload Speed 9Mbps 18Mbps 20Mbps 75Mbps 75Mbps
Time to upload a 1GB file 16 minutes 8 minutes 7 minutes 2 minutes 2 minutes
Monthly Cost £22.99 £25.99 £25.99 £30.99 £40.99
Setup Cost £0 £0 £0 £0 £0
Contract Length 18 months 18 months 24 months 24 months 24 months

Plusnet Unlimited Fibre

Plusnet’s entry-level fibre package, and the next tier up from their basic, ADSL ‘Unlimited Broadband’ deal, is known as Unlimited Fibre. It offers average download speeds of 36Mbps, which should be enough for a small household (1-2 people) of heavy internet users, or alternatively a large household (4+ people) of light internet users.

At £22.99 a month, it’s only £3 more expensive per month than Plusnet’s basic Unlimited Broadband, and it’s definitely worth the difference. Unlimited Broadband offers download speeds of just 10MBps, and you can’t find much slower than that, so if you want to use the internet for anything more than browsing the web and sending emails, you should go for Unlimited Fibre.

Plusnet Unlimited Fibre Extra

This is Plusnet’s fastest broadband deal, offering average download speeds of 66Mbps for a very reasonable price of just £25.99 a month. These speeds should be enough for most households; only those with multiple heavy users, such as avid online gamers, should consider anything faster than this.

It also provides average upload speeds of 18Mbps, which may not sound like a lot, but is a vast improvement on the speeds offered by other Plusnet broadband deals, and anything less might be frustrating for people who work from home.

Plusnet Full Fibre deals

Since the summer of 2022, Plusnet has also been offering FTTP connections, also known as full fibre, to eligible households up and down the country. It currently has three tiers of full fibre broadband on offer:

Plusnet Full Fibre 74

The most basic full fibre offering from Plusnet is the Full Fibre 74 package. As the name suggests, it offers average download speeds of 74Mbps. However, this is only slightly higher than the 67Mbps offered by Plusnet’s Unlimited Fibre Extra package, and it’s such a small difference that you’ll hardly notice it in reality. Average upload speeds are also 20Mbps - the same as Unlimited Fibre - and for this reason both packages are at the same price point.

So, if you’re already a Plusnet and looking to upgrade, this package is probably not worth the hassle and you should for something faster. However, if you’re switching from another provider, and you’re on a basic fibre connection, or even ADSL, the Plusnet Full Fibre 74 is a well-priced, reliable choice with enough speed to suit most medium-sized households.

Plusnet Broadband

Full Fibre 74

24 month contract Fibre

74Mb / second

Average speed



£27.99 / month

£0 upfront fees

Pricing may change during contract Info

Plusnet Full Fibre 145

This is getting into serious download speed territory, offering average download speeds of (you guessed it) 145Mbps. It also offers much improved upload speeds, averaging 75Mbps.

These internet speeds should be more than enough for the average household, and will even support multiple members of your family streaming their own shows simultaneously. And at just £30.99 per month, it’s one of the best value packages around offering this level of speed. We’d only really suggest going higher if you have avid online gamers in your household, or you work from home and do a lot of uploading and video calling.

Plusnet Broadband

Full Fibre 145

24 month contract Fibre

£70 Plusnet Reward Card

145Mb / second

Average speed



£27.99 / month

£0 upfront fees

Pricing may change during contract Info

Plusnet Full Fibre 500

This is the top-level fibre package currently offered by Plusnet. Again, the clue to the download speed is in the name - 500Mbps on average - while it promises a minimum guaranteed download speed of 275Mbps. It’s average upload speeds of 75Mbps, however, are the same as on the Full Fibre 145 package.

If you live in a large house of heavy internet users, or there are one or two serious gamers under your roof, then this package and these speeds should suit your needs. And while the Full Fibre 500 package is Plusnet’s most expensive, it’s actually pretty good value at just £40.99 per month, when compared to other providers’ offerings at similar speeds.

Plusnet Broadband

Full Fibre 500

24 month contract Fibre

£70 Plusnet Reward Card

500Mb / second

Average speed



£33.99 / month

£0 upfront fees

Pricing may change during contract Info

Equipment: Will I get the same router with each Plusnet fibre deal?

Yes. All of Plusnet's fibre and full fiobre packages come with the Plusnet Two Hub, which is a much-improved update on the Hub Zero which you’ll receive on the provider’s basic Unlimited Broadband package.

The Plusnet Two Hub has two antennas for wireless connections – at 2.5Ghz or 5Ghz. It also comes with three 1 gigabit Ethernet ports for fast, wired connections.

In most cases, the router will be sent to you to set up yourself which is simple enough, unless you don’t already have a phone line installed in which case an engineer will need to visit your property. There is currently no setup cost for Plusnet fibre deals, although these are subject to change.

Extras: Can I get anything else with Plusnet fibre?

Free Gifts

Plusnet often include free gifts with their broadband deals, currently in the form of a Plusnet Reward Card. In the past, they have also offered Amazon gift cards and cashback cheques.

When you sign up to a Plusnet fibre package, you will be sent the pre-loaded card as well as an activation email. You must activate your card within three months of it being issued to you, and it is valid for 12 months.

You can spend your Plusnet Reward Card online and in the majority of high street stores in the UK that take Mastercard. It is currently worth £50 with Plusnet Unlimited Fibre and £80 with Plusnet Unlimited Fibre Extra.


Unlike other major broadband providers, Plusnet doesn’t currently offer any TV bundle deals. But this doesn’t mean that you won’t have access to any TV subscriptions as a Plusnet broadband customer.

Your best option is probably NOW, who offer a range of TV membership passes (entertainment, sports, cinema, kids etc) which you can pick and choose from on a rolling, monthly basis, and watch on any connected device.

Price: How does it compare to alternatives?

Plusnet Unlimited Fibre alternatives

Plusnet Unlimited Fibre (36Mbps) will currently set you back £22.99 a month, but for just £22 per month you could be getting average download speeds of 63Mbps, as well as free calls, with NOW’s Super Fibre + Anytime Calls package.

In terms of speed, you’ll struggle to find a cheaper package offering 36Mbps than Plusnet Unlimited Fibre. The only provider offering this speed at a lower price is NOW with its Fab Fibre + Free Anytime Calls for £22 a month. This deal does, however, come with a £5 upfront delivery fee.

Deal Average Download Speed Monthly Cost
Plusnet Unlimited Fibre 36Mbps £22.99
NOW Super Fibre + Anytime Calls 63Mbps £22
NOW Fab Fibre + Free Anytime Calls 36Mbps £22

Plusnet Unlimited Fibre Extra alternatives

Plusnet Unlimited Fibre Extra (66Mbps) costs £25.99 a month currently, but for just £25 a month you could be getting 100Mbps with Vodafone’s Superfast 100 package, although coverage for this particular deal is fairly limited so far.

If 66Mbps if enough for your household, then you won’t find anything much cheaper than Plusnet Unlimited Fibre Extra. If you still use the landline to make calls, however, you should consider the John Lewis Fibre Extra Broadband + Evening & weekend calls package for £28 a month. 

Deal Average Download Speed Monthly Cost
Plusnet Unlimited Fibre Extra 66Mbps £25.99
Vodafone Superfast 100 100Mbps £25
John Lewis Fibre Extra + Evening & weekend Calls 66Mbps £29

Plusnet Full Fibre 74 alternatives

Plusnet Full Fibre 74 currently costs just £25.99 per month, which is in all reality a pretty fair price. However, if you're lucky enough to live in one of the selected areas that Hyperoptic covers, consider their Fast 150Mbps Broadband Only deal, which for just £25 per month gives you almost double the average download speeds of 158Mbps. However, this does come with a £29 installation fee currently. 

If you're happy with average download speeds of around 74Mbps, you should also consider Community Fibre's 74 Mbps Fibre Broadband deal. However, like Hyperoptic, Community Fibre is only currently only available in very limited urban areas.

Deal Average Download Speed Monthly Cost
Plusnet Full Fibre 74 74Mbps £25.99
Hyperoptic Fast 150Mbps Broadband Only 158Mbps £25
Community Fibre 75 Mbps Fibre Broadband 75Mbps £22.50

Plusnet Full Fibre 145 alternatives

Plusnet Full Fibre 145 will currently set you back £30.99 per month, but you could be paying just £30 per month for slightly improved download speeds of 200Mbps with Vodafone's Ultrafast 200 package.

If you're happy with 145Mbps download speeds, however, consider TalkTalk's Future Fibre 150 deal, which offers the same average download speeds as Plusnet's Full Fibre 145, but costs almost £3 less per month at just £28pm. 

Deal Average Download Speed Monthly Cost
Plusnet Full Fibre 145 145Mbps £30.99
Vodafone Ultrafast 200 200Mbps £30
TalkTalk Future Fibre 150 145Mbps £28

Plusnet Full Fibre 500 alternatives

Plusnet Full Fibre 500 currently costs £40.99 per month, but you could be getting almost double the speed (900Mbps) with Hyperoptic's Fast 1Gbps Broadband Only package for just £40 per month. However, this deal is currently only available in a few select urban locations, so you'll be very lucky to get it.

If you don't see the need for any more speed, then you could save a lot with Gigaclear's Ultrafast 500 deal, which offers the same average download speeds (500Mbps), but at a much lower monthly cost of just £27. However, Gigaclear is another limited provider, and currently only provides coverage to certain rural locations. 

Deal Average Download Speed Monthly Cost
Plusnet Full Fibre 500 500Mbps £40.99
Hyperoptic Fast 1Gbps Broadband Only 900Mbps £40
Gigaclear Ultrafast 500 500Mbps £27

Overall, Plusnet’s fibre broadband packages are good value compared to its rivals, especially big names like Sky, BT, and Virgin Media. After, that is what Plusnet does best.