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Shell Energy Broadband

About Shell Energy

Shell Energy, formerly First Utility, was founded in 2008 as a gas and electricity provider and is currently the biggest provider outside of the big 6. They now offer a wide range of internet and phone line packages including with high speed fibre optic broadband.

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What does Shell Energy offer?

Initially an energy supplier, Shell Energy has broken into the internet market and offer different broadband deals which come with phone line as standard.


Shell Energy offers the full range of broadband deals, from standard to high speed fibre optic connections. They also have some of the most cost-effective tariffs available on the market which makes them a fantastic option. Shell Energy also offer unlimited usage on all of their available tariffs, this means that you will never have to pay any additional fees or charges for going over your limit.

Shell Energy also offer a no end-of-contract price hike. Unlike some broadband providers, Shell Energy offer a guarantee that you will never have the price of your broadband contract increased at the end of your fixed term.


All Shell Energy broadband deals come with phone line as a standard which comes with pay as you go calls. However, if you are someone who uses the home phone a lot they also offer additional packages which cover, weekday, weekend and international calling.

Perks and Fees


  • No end of contract price increase
  • Cheap tariffs
  • Award winning customer service

Will I have to pay for installation?

For all broadband tariffs, Shell Energy do not charge any upfront installation costs.

Will I have to pay line rental?

Line rental is included in the cost of broadband deals, although you will have to pay for the calls you make as per their pay as you go call package.

Shell Energy Deals