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Sky Entertainment

Sky Entertainment is Sky's basic TV package, giving you access to over 300 channels with the option to add more. Find your perfect Sky package here.

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What is Sky Entertainment?

Sky Entertainment refers to the most basic TV package from Sky, and the minimum you will receive when signing up to Sky TV. In this guide we’ll look at what’s included in the Sky Entertainment package, what you can add to it, and how to find the best broadband deals.

What does Sky Entertainment give you?

All customers who subscribe to Sky TV will have Sky Entertainment, the provider’s entry-level package. A Sky Entertainment package will provide you with the following:

  • Over 300 TV channels.
  • Sky Q set-top box
  • Catch up-TV (watch shows from 65 channels up to 30 days after they are shown live)
  • Sky Go app (watch shows live on your mobile or tablet on the go)

What channels can I get on Sky Entertainment?

You can watch more than 300 channels with the Sky Entertainment package, including:

  • Sky One
  • Sky Two
  • Sky Atlantic
  • Sky Arts
  • FOX
  • Comedy Central
  • Syfy
  • E!
  • Vice
  • Discovery
  • National Geographic
  • Animal Planet
  • The History Channel
  • MTV
  • VH-1
  • Eurosport
  • Sky Sports News
  • Freeview channels (BBC, ITV, Channel 4 etc)

What can I add to Sky Entertainment?

As Sky Entertainment is the company’s basic TV package, you can pick and choose what to add to it depending on your preferences:

  • Sky Sports: Add 8 premium HD sports channels, including Sky Sports Premier League, Sky Sports Cricket and Sky Spots Golf.
  • Sky Cinema: Get all 11 Sky Cinema channels in HD which collectively show over 1,000 movies every month.
  • Sky Kids: Get 11 channels dedicated to kids, including the Disney Channel and Nickelodeon, and over 5,000 kids shows to watch on demand.
  • Ultimate On Demand: Includes a Netflix subscription as well as over 500 series to binge on with Sky Box Sets.
  • Sky Q Experience: Get an upgraded Sky Q set-top box as well as Sky Q Mini boxes so you can watch Sky TV in every room of the house. Also known as Sky Multiscreen.
  • Sky Ultra HD: Watch over 40 Sky Entertainment channels in full HD. Note that Sky Sports and Sky Cinema channels come in HD as standard.
  • Sky Broadband: Bundle your TV deal with Sky broadband and get superfast fibre speeds of up to 145Mbps.

Sky Entertainment packages

You can get Sky Entertainment both as a standalone product or as part of a broadband and TV bundle deal. 

If you're looking to get a Sky Entertainment with a broadband connection, there are three different levels of package to choose from - Essential Broadband, Superfast Broadband, and Ultrafast Broadband. These offer average download speeds of 11Mbps, 59Mbps, and 145Mbps respectively. 

The TV package and channels you get will be the same for each, although you have the option to add more channels. 





Ultimate TV

Sky TV + Netflix 18-month contract

100+ premium channels

500+ box sets

Netflix subscription included

£25 / month (prices may change during contract term)

18 months


Sky TV & Sky Sports

Sky TV + Sports 18-month contract

100+ premium channels

500+ box sets

Sky Sports

Football, F1, cricket, golf, and more

£41 / month (prices may change during contract term)

18 months