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Sky Glass

There once was a time when you’d need to install an unsightly satellite dish to the roof or walls of your home to enjoy Sky TV. But not anymore. Thanks to Sky Glass, you can now get everything pre-loaded on your TV. All you’ll need to start watching is an internet connection.

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What is Sky Glass?

Sky Glass refers to the new range of smart TVs produced by Sky. They claim it to be the ‘only TV with Sky inside’.

Previously, to watch Sky TV you’d need to source your own television, have a satellite dish installed on your home, and a set-top box somewhere in your living room from where you can control what you watch. But with Sky Glass, everything is already on the TV. So, no satellite dish, and no box. Just a shiny-looking new TV, a remote, and endless hours of entertainment.

How much does Sky Glass cost?

When it comes to buying Sky Glass, you’ll have an option of three sizes of TV – small (43 inch), medium (55 inch), or large (65 inch). So, the price you’ll pay will obviously depend on the size of TV you go for.

Sky also gives you the option to pay for your Sky Glass TV upfront, or in monthly instalments. Let’s take a look at the different prices of Sky Glass depending on the size and payment method:

Size Upfront Monthly (24 months) inc. £20 upfront cost Monthly (48 months) inc. £10 upfront cost
Small £649 £26/month £13/month
Medium £849 £34/month £17/month
Large £1,049 £42/month £21/month

Is Sky Glass worth it?

Sky Glass deals are indeed great value if you’re looking for a new smart TV as well as a subscription-based TV service.

Paying for your Sky Glass TV upfront may seem like a lot of money to be parting with in one go, but most smart TVs are similarly priced, if not more expensive. Paying in monthly instalments may seem as better value at first, especially on a 48-month contract, but it all adds up. Furthermore, 4 years is a long time to commit to a contract, so you must be sure you’ll be happy with the product before committing for such a length of time.

If you’ve already got a smart TV that you’re happy with, and you just want to get access to Sky TV, then you’re probably better off just paying for the TV subscription. Similarly, if you’re a happy customer of say, BT TV, but you want a new smart television, it’s probably not worth switching to Sky and risk losing some of your favourite channels just to knock a few quid off the price of a telly.

But if you’re after Sky TV and a smart TV, you can’t go much wrong with Sky Glass.