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Sky HD TV Deals

For many people HD television has become an absolute essential for their home entertainment. If you're not yet on the HD bandwagon, or if you are but are looking to change to a different subscription, Sky+ HD could be the set top box that lets you get stuck into the most HD content of any on the market.

With heaps of HD channels and the financial clout to get access to a huge range of live sport and Hollywood movies, Sky are big name players in the HD TV game.

What is Sky+ HD?

Sky+ allows you to pause, rewind and record live TV. The HD version is, of course, a package that allows you to do all of this with your favourite shows in crystal clear high definition. Sky's TV packages allow you access to up to 73 channels in glorious HD, which is a huge range of programming compared to most other deals with Sky's competitors.

Sky+ HD boxes come as standard with built in WiFi, meaning you can connect to your home broadband and access on demand content, as well as a minimum of 180 hours of storage to keep the latest series or big blockbusters.

You can record two programs at once, whilst watching a third that you've already recorded and with a smart series link feature you can set and forget as your Sky+ HD box records every episode of the latest series.

Another neat feature of Sky+ HD is the Sky+ app, which allows you to use your phone as a remote control, and stay on top of your recordings from anywhere in the app.

What can I watch on a Sky+ HD box?

Sky TV offers a wide selection of channels and a high level of personalisation, as you can add and remove various plans each month depending on what you are, or aren't, watching.

Sky Signature, the standard package, includes over 300 channels, including Sky One and Sky Atlantic for all of the biggest shows from the States. Upgrade plans include:

  • Ultimate TV, which allows you access to Netflix
  • Sky Cinema, with 11 dedicated channels and a whole host of on demand movies.
  • Sky Sports, the home of live sport.
  • Sky Kids, There's even something for budding TV lovers on Sky.

And that's not to mention the huge amount of on demand content you can access with a Sky+ HD Box.

What do I need to set up Sky+ HD?

If you're interested in getting hold of a Sky+ HD box there's a few pieces of hardware you will need:

HD Ready TV

There isn't much point going for the HD option if your current TV isn't HD ready. You'll only be able to access standard definition content and you could therefore find a cheaper deal on another Sky package, or an SD package from one of their competitors. Use our tool to compare TV deals if you're in this boat.

Satellite Dish

Sky+ HD operates through a satellite signal and as such you'll have to have a dish fitted. Don't fear if you haven't already got one, Sky will install one as part of your installation process. You should check with your landlord though if you don't own the property, and make sure to arrange a day when someone is home for the duration of the installation.


While not strictly essential for Sky+ HD, you're going to need broadband to access all the on demand features available through your box. Sky offer a wide range of broadband packages alongside their TV deals.


Pros and cons of a Sky HD box

Pros of jumping on the Sky+ HD bandwagon include:

  • High definition, giving you 5 times clearer picture quality. It's honestly hard to understate how much better the viewing experience is in HD.
  • A wide selection of programming. Sky has a huge selection for all tastes, from blockbuster movies, to live sport and everything in between.
  • The ability to record and rewind live TV. You never have to miss a moment again and being able to skip advert breaks on your recorded programs is a dream come true!

There are some drawbacks to Sky's HD experience, however:

  • An expensive habit. Sky is always at the higher end of the price comparisons for TV deals.
  • The best content is split up. You won't be always able to encompass all your favourite channels in one package, and unless you opt for the complete bundle you'll always be missing out on some great content.
  • Sky Q boxes, with all of the Sky+HD boxes features plus some additional storage and a flashy new design, are now available, and new customers may opt for one instead. Check out our guide on Sky TV deals, including Sky Q boxes here.