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SSE Review

SSE is a household name when it comes to energy, but they also offer a range of great broadband packages. Read our review to find out if they're right for you.

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Speed: how fast is SSE broadband?

SSE only has fibre optic broadband available on their website. This means you’ll get faster speeds as standard.

SSE speeds are basically the same as any other Openreach provider. If you want something faster you’ll have to look at BT or Virgin Media.

Generally SSE broadband speeds are consistent. However they do practice web traffic management. This means when the network is busiest SSE slows speeds for certain activities. The aim is to keep connections stable, but it can be annoying if use the internet for file sharing or want to upload content to the internet.

Web traffic management can also be frustrating for households that use the internet heavily.

Price: how much does SSE broadband cost?

SSE is a low-cost broadband option. Especially with no upfront charges. That means no connection charge, no postage or delivery charges, and no charge for the router.

If you don’t already have an active Openreach phone line then an engineer will install one. This will incur an added charge of £60.

SSE also guarantee zero price hikes during your 18 month contract, with the exception of increases to VAT or other relevant tax or levy.

All contracts are currently 18 month fixed term.

What makes SSE stand out?

SSE offers more bonuses than most low-cost broadband providers:

  • Tickets and venues
    • Priority tickets to SSE venues up to 48 hours before general release
    • Exclusive prizes and competitions
    • Upgrade to SSE lounges
  • Security
    • Free 18 month subscription to SSE security suite
    • Antivirus software
    • Firewall
    • Parental controls
  • 60 day happiness guarantee
    • Able to cancel within the first 60 days without early termination charges
  • Home phone
    • Pay-as-you-use calling
    • Evening and weekend calls an addition £4
    • Anytime calls an additional £8
    • Anytime plus an additional £12 includes calls to 35 countries
  • Truly unlimited downloads with both packages

Tech: installation and equipment

Installing SSE broadband takes around two weeks on average.

Any SSE broadband package comes with a free Technicolor TG589vac Wi-Fi router. Dual-band Wi-Fi means decent speeds and gigabit ethernet ports will give you the fastest speeds on wired connections too.

It is easy to set up yourself at home and you won’t usually need an engineer to visit.

If you are switching from a cable service like Virgin Media, or you do not have an active phone line, you will need an engineer to visit your address. You may be charged an installation fee.

Customer Experience: how is SSE rated by customers?

SSE is generally rated averagely by customers.

As of June 2020 SSE’s Trustpilot rating is quite reasonable, with 42% “Excellent” and 40% “Bad”. Although it is worth noting that many commenters were not satisfied with their internet connection.

The majority of negative comments relate to value for money. SSE’s customer service rating seems to be improving their score.