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How to Cancel TalkTalk Broadband

Find out how to cancel your TalkTalk contract, and switch to a new provider

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Cancelling your TalkTalk broadband contract

If you would like to switch your broadband provider away from TalkTalk, but you are worried about the hassle involved or whether it will cost you, then don’t worry! Leaving TalkTalk is a simple process which we will guide you through here. We will look at whether you’ll have to pay, what the process of leaving is, and how to find a new provider so that you can work out whether leaving TalkTalk is the best for you.

When does my contract end?

Before you do anything else, the first thing that you need to find out is when your TalkTalk contract ends. This is important, as if you leave before the contract is up, you will most likely have to pay an early cancellation fee.

To check when your contract ends, you can:

  • Find out by phone:
    • Call 0345 172 0088 between 8am and 10pm.
    • Answer a few security details and they will be able to provide you with your contract details.
  • Find out online:

How do I cancel my TalkTalk contract?

The easiest way to cancel your TalkTalk contract is to switch providers to another member of the BT Openreach network (BT, Sky Broadband, Plusnet etc.). All you have to do is tell your new provider that you are with TalkTalk and they will sort out the cancellation themselves, making the switch seamless.

The one exception to this is if you are switching to the Virgin Media network, in which case you will have to handle the cancellation yourself.

To cancel yourself, call 0345 172 0046. You will have to answer a few security questions before letting them know that you want to leave.

TalkTalk will put you in contact with a member of their retentions team and try and convince you to stay. If you aren’t sure about switching, this is a good time to try and ask for a better deal. You will likely be offered either a cheaper deal or perks such as faster download speeds, so it is worth knowing what you can get from competitors to give you an idea of what you can bargain for. Otherwise just let them know that you want to leave.

You can also leave by writing a letter. You will need to provide:

  • Your name
  • Your TalkTalk telephone number
  • Your signature
  • Your contact phone number or address
  • The third and sixth letters of your TalkTalk account password.
  • The last four digits of your bank account number or payment card that you use to pay your monthly bill.
  • Your TalkTalk account number or the personal security answer that you provided when you first signed up.

Bear in mind that after sending the letter TalkTalk will try and contact you to discuss leaving, so it may be easier just to give them a ring in the first place.

If you also have TalkTalk TV as part of one of the provider's broadband and TV bundles, then your YouView TV box will also be disconnected when you leave the contract, so bear this in mind before making the decision to cancel.

TalkTalk broadband cancellation fees

If you decide that you want to leave before your contract is up, you will most likely be charged an early cancellation fee. The amount that you will have to pay will depend on the package that you have, for example whether you're on a basic ADSL deal or one of TalkTalk's fibre packages, and whether you have paid for any extras. This will be payments made every month until the original contract end date.

This table shows how much you will have to pay in fees for some of the basic TalkTalk broadband packages:

Broadband Package Cost per Month
Fast Broadband £9.00
Faster Fibre £8.50
Fastest Ultra Fibre Optic £10.50

To find out how much you will be liable to pay for your deal, the best way to do so is contact TalkTalk directly yourself. TalkTalk’s early termination charges can be found on their website.


Can I cancel my broadband if TalkTalk raises its prices?

In short, yes. In 2013, Ofcom ruled that if service providers raised their monthly prices considerably during the term of a contract, then customers would be allowed to leave it without any penalty fees. Customers should be notified before it happens, and get 30 days notice to let their provider know that they are leaving.

Can I cancel my broadband if it’s too slow?

This can be tricky, but if you can prove that the speeds that you are receiving are considerably below what they were advertised when you signed up, and TalkTalk aren’t able to do anything about it, then you could be able to leave without charge. When measuring your internet speeds, remember that it has to be done from a computer that is attached via LAN wiring to the router, because WiFi cannot offer as fast connection as through wires.

For more information on TalkTalk's speeds and what their customers say about it, check our TalkTalk broadband review.