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Virgin Media Broadband Review

Is Virgin Media broadband right for you?

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Virgin Media broadband review

Virgin Media offers the fastest widely available fibre-optic broadband package in the UK.  They offer various bundles, including TV and phone deals, meaning that there are lots of options to choose from to fit your needs and budget.  But how good is it?  In this review we will look at what makes it stand out from competitors like Sky or BT, and work out if choosing Virgin is the right choice for you.

Speed: How fast is Virgin Broadband?

Whereas, the likes of Sky, BT and Talktalk all use the Openreach network to provide internet connection, Virgin build and maintain their own set of cables, allowing them to provide much faster connection. Top speeds reach 516Mbps, while their standard fibre packages sit between 54-362Mbps depending on availability.

It is worth keeping in mind that Virgin’s upload speeds tend to be slower than its competitors.  TalkTalk’s most basic fibre-optic package promises upload speeds of 9.5Mbps, whereas Virgin’s is only 5Mbps.  This isn’t a deal breaker for most, but if you upload a lot of content, such as long videos, then it is definitely worth considering your options.

Price: How much does Virgin Media Cost?

Virgin’s different broadband packages come at a range of prices, depending on speed.  But to make things more complicated, you can choose various combinations of landline, TV and mobile packages to add with your broadband, which will all change the cost.  And some broadband packages are only available in certain bundles, such as with a phone line.

It is worth noting that you can customise your package to your taste, so take a visit to their website to work out how much your deal will cost.

There is also a £35 installation fee for all of the deals, unless you have previously been a Virgin Media customer.  If you have, select the QuickStart option at checkout, and you will be sent a kit to do a free and easy installation yourself.

Contracts usually have a minimum period of either 12 or 18 months.  If you wish to cancel during this period, you are likely to be subjected to an Early Disconnection Fee.  If you want more flexibility, there are also rolling 30 day contracts available.

What Makes Virgin Media Stand Out?

Apart from its lightning quick speeds, there are a number of other things which might make you choose Virgin Media. 

Their bundles that include combinations of landline calls, TV channels and mobile packages are endlessly customisable.  This means that you can create the package that will suit your specific needs, while bundling these different costs into one convenient deal.

Virgin TV gives you access to a huge number of television channels, with its basic deal offering access to over 110 channels.  You can add movies, sports and more on top of this to end up with hundreds of options to choose from when you want to sit back and watch television.

Being a Virgin Media customer also gives you access to the Virgin public WiFi network.  There are thousands of hotspots around the country where you can use the internet for free, and even includes over 200 London Underground stations!

Tech: Installation and Equipment

As mentioned before, there is a £35 installation fee if you are a new Virgin Media customer.  An engineer will have to visit your home and install a Virgin Media wall socket.  How long this takes depends on the availability of the engineer, but once it is installed you are good to go straight away!

If you have one of these already, you can have the option of having a QuickStart package sent to your door, and you can install it yourself.  This process should take just four days from when you order it

Virgin Media’s broadband packages come with the new Hub 3.  This comes with Intelligent WiFi technology, which you can connect to the Virgin Media Connect App on your smartphone.  Here you can check the connection around your house, and if there is a spot where you are not receiving WiFi connection, you can order a WiFi booster for just £3 a month, or for free if you are on a full TV package.  It also uses channel optimisation to make sure that the devices which need more internet get faster download speeds.