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About Vodafone Broadband

Vodafone, traditionally one of the largest mobile phone providers in the country now offer a range of broadband internet options.

They rolled out their Broadband packages in in 2015 and since then have acquired nearly 250,000 customers who use their fixed internet services

What doesVodafone offer

Vodafone offer a whole range of services, including broadband, fibre optic, phone rental and mobile phone tariffs.

Vodafone currently does not offer any tv packages, nor do they offer broadband on its own, so you'll have to get a phone line, but line rental is free on all Vodafone fibre optic deals.

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Vodafone packages available now
  • Unlimited standard broadband 17- This is Vodafone’s most basic offering and includes up to 17Mbps as well as phone rental. Prices start at £25 with a one-off fee of £24 if you are already a Vodafone customer and £49 if you are not
  • Unlimited fibre 38- Vodafone’s mid-range fibre offering includes up to 38Mbps connection speed as well as line rental. The cost for this is £22.50 if you are already a customer and £25 per month if you are not, so if it’s available you can save money by going for fibre
  • Unlimited fibre 76- This is Vodafone’s fastest connection boasting speeds of up to 76Mbps. This comes with line rental and costs £27 for existing customers and £30 for new customers.

Vodafone offer the three standard connection speeds of 17, 38 and 76Mpbs. One bonus for pre-existing Vodafone customers is that if you go for one of their fibre optic deals you will receive a 10% discount off your monthly bill. Vodafone also offer unlimited usage meaning you don’t have to worry about any hidden fees.

You can also use Vodafone’s broadband app to set parental control, set-up a guest network or boos signal to an individual device.


All phone lines are included in the cost of the broadband deal if you choose fibre optic. If you go for a traditional broadband option, you must pay £19 for phone line + £6 for the internet.

  • 10% off for pre-existing customers
  • Free line rental on fibre optic tariffs
  • Additional features via broadband app
Will I have to pay for line rental?

Line rental is free if you go for one of the fibre optic deals.

Will I have to pay an installation fee?

You will only have to pay an installation fee if you opt for the 17Mbps broadband, if you’re already a Vodafone customer this will cost £24, if not then it is £49.

With Vodafone, you can sign up for any of the following types of tariff:

Virgin is ideal for: professionals, families, gamers, streamers.