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Vodafone broadband review 2023: Is it any good?

Vodafone offer some great value superfast fibre contracts, offering speeds of up to 900 Mbps in some areas, but they lack in other departments.

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Our brief review of Vodafone broadband

The good:

  • Amazing value fibre broadband

  • Ultrafast 900 Mbps available in some FTTP areas

  • No set-up costs

  • Symmetrical upload and download bandwidths on full fibre packages

The bad:

  • No TV bundle packages

  • No ADSL options

  • Below average customer service rating

Vodafone may be better known in the UK as a mobile network provider, but the company also offers a wide range of broadband packages to suit a variety of households.

They exclusively offer fibre products, meaning you can expect superfast broadband speeds with Vodafone if you can access their services. Their broadband products top out at 900 Mbps, but not many households will be able to access this (or afford it!).

Although at usave we recommend users always opt for superfast fibre broadband, we recognise that fibre is not yet available in some areas. For households that are not connected to a fibre network, you will not be able to access any of Vodafone's broadband services as they do not have an ADSL option. If you are can access Vodafone though, you can't go far wrong with some of their unbeatable value broadband deals.

Finally, If you are looking to bundle in TV with your broadband, look elsewhere; this is not something Vodafone currently offer.

How we review providers

How we review providers

When reviewing a broadband provider, it isn’t just as simple as looking at the price and the speed they offer. There is much more to it than that!

There are a few things we look into when determining whether we recommend a provider or not. These include things like speed, price, router performance, customer service...

We go through each of these in more detail in the review, look at how well the provider performs for each, and then compare how the provider's advertisements compare with real world experiences as well as other providers.

All our reviews are genuine, unbiased, and written by broadband experts.

Vodafone broadband packages and prices

Vodafone Fibre 1 Vodafone Fibre 2 Vodafone Full Fibre 100 Vodafone Full Fibre 200 Vodafone Full Fibre 500 Vodafone Full Fibre 900
Download speed 38 Mbps 67 Mbps 100 Mbps 200 Mbps 500 Mbps 900 Mbps
Upload speed 10 Mbps 20 Mbps 100 Mbps 200 Mbps 500 Mbps 900 Mbps
Price £22 / month £22 / month £25 / month £25 / month £30 / month £45 / month
Contract length 24 months 24 months 24 months 24 months 24 months 24 months
Home phone available Yes - Included as standard Yes - Included as standard Yes - Optional Yes - Optional Yes - Optional Yes - Optional

*Prices correct as of January 2023.

All of Vodafone’s deals connect you to the internet via a fibre connection and come with unlimited data.

All their packages have the option to include a phoneline to make calls, however with some of them you will need to add this on as an optional extra.

Vodafone's base packages are quite competitive, but relatively basic. If you are looking for a bit more from your internet provider you can upgrade to a Vodafone Pro package which comes with a WiFi guarantee for every room in your home, or to a Vodafone Pro Xtra package, which come with anytime calls and a 3 month Apple TV+ subscription.

Please note: Vodafone raises its prices at a rate of CPI + 3.9% every year in April. This means that by the end of your contract you will be paying more than you started out paying for your internet connection. This is something that most providers do, and isn't unique to Vodafone broadband.

Vodafone broadband review - Superfast 1, Superfast 2, and Superfast 100

Vodafone broadband offers three levels of superfast broadband – Vodafone Fibre 1, Vodafone Fibre 2, and Vodafone Full Fibre 100. If these are not fast enough for you, they also offers two levels of ultrafast broadband as well as a gigabit connection - Vodafone Full Fibre 200, Vodafone Full Fibre 500, and Vodafone Full Fibre 900 (see next section).

Fibre 1 review

Vodafone Fibre 1 is a fibre package that offers an average download speed of 38Mbps and average upload speed of 10Mbps. These speeds are normal for basic fibre broadband packages, and will support a home of three or four people who use the internet regularly.

If you are using the internet for gaming or streaming high quality videos then you may wish to purchase a faster broadband package.

Vodafone Broadband

Fibre 1

24 month contract Fibre + Phone

38Mb / second

Average speed



£25.00 / month

£0 upfront fees


In terms of price, the base Fibre 1 is almost unbeatable on price. See how it compares against the competition below:

Deal Download Speed Contract Length Monthly Cost
Vodafone Fibre 1 38Mbps 24 months £22
TalkTalk Fibre 35 38Mbps 18 months £26
Sky Superfast 35 Broadband 36Mbps 18 months £23
Plusnet Unlimited Fibre 36Mbps 18 months £22.99

Although the price is competitive, you do have to sign up for a two year contract, which is longer than you need to commit to with most other providers.

This superfast fibre package comes with a home phone line as standard. You will be charged at Vodafone's standard pay as you go rates, unless you opt to upgrade to a Pro II package, which costs £34 per month.

Fibre 2 review

Vodafone Fibre 2 is a fibre package that offers average download speeds of 67Mbps and upload speeds of 20Mbps. This should be plenty for those streaming or gaming a lot, especially if there are several devices using the internet.

Vodafone Broadband

Fibre 2

24 month contract Fibre + Phone

67Mb / second

Average speed



£25.00 / month

£0 upfront fees


When it comes to price, the Fibre 2 package is even more competitive than their Fibre 1 deal; you get almost double the speed for the same price each month! This makes this one of the best value for money internet deals on the market.

Deal Download Speed Contract Length Monthly Cost
Vodafone Fibre 2 67Mbps 24 months £22
EE Fibre Plus 67Mbps 24 months £30.50
BT Fibre 2 67Mbps 24 months £33.99
Plusnet Unlimited Fibre Extra 66Mbps 18 months £24.99

The Fibre 2 package comes with a home phone line as standard, however it you will be charged Vodafone's standard rate to make calls. To get unlimited calls, you will need to upgrade to a Pro II package.

Full Fibre 100 review

Vodafone Full Fibre 100 offers average download speeds of 100Mbps, while its upload speeds also average 100Mbps. These sort of speeds should be enough for larger households of heavy internet users, as well as smaller households of people working from home.

Vodafone Broadband

Full Fibre 100

24 month contract Fibre + Phone

100Mb / second

Average speed



£28.00 / month

£0 upfront fees


In terms of price, the Full Fibre 100 package is priced very reasonably when compared to other broadband providers:

Deal Download Speed Contract Length Monthly Cost
Vodafone Full Fibre 100 100Mbps 24 months £25
Shell Energy Broadband Full Fibre 100 100Mbps 18 months £31.99
Virgin Media M125 Fibre Broadband Only 132Mbps 18 months £44
KCOM Full Fibre 100 100Mbps 18 months £19.99

Please note, the Full Fibre 100 package does not come with a home phone line as standard; as this broadband deal connects you to the interview directly via a FTTP connection, you will need to add on a phone line to make calls.


Vodafone broadband review - Ultrafast 200, Ultrafast 500, and Gigafast 900

If Vodafone's Superfast packages are not fast enough for your liking, worry not, a Vodafone Ultrafast deal might better meet your requirements.

These vodafone deals all connect you to the internet via a Fibre to the Property connection, which provides a much higher bandwidth and stable connection compared with the Fibre to the Cabinet internet connection offered with the Superfast 1 and 2 packages.

Full Fibre 200 review

Vodafone Full Fibre 200 is the provider’s basic ultrafast broadband packages, offering average download and upload speeds of 200Mbps. These speeds will be enough for a medium household of around 5 heavy internet users who like to play online games and stream 4K content.

Vodafone Broadband

Full Fibre 200

24 month contract Fibre + Phone

200Mb / second

Average speed



£35.00 / month

£0 upfront fees


With the monthly price for this package starting at £25 a month, this offer costs the same price as some of the superfast deals previously discussed. Comparing it with other broadband providers though, it's revealed to be even more competitive:

Deal Download Speed Contract Length Monthly Cost
Vodafone Full Fibre 200 200Mbps 24 months £25
Shell Energy Broadband Full Fibre 200 200Mbps 18 months £34.99
Community Fibre 200 Mbps Fibre Broadband 200Mbps 12 months £29.50
Virgin Media M250 Fibre Broadband Only 264Mbps 18 months £50

If you are looking to include a telephone line, you will need to add this on as an optional extra as this does not come as standard with any of the Ultrafast packages.

Full Fibre 500 review

Vodafone Full Fibre 500 offers impressive average upload and download speeds of 500Mbps each. In terms of upload speeds, there aren’t many packages on the market that will match these speeds, and its download speeds aren’t shabby either - even the largest households of heavy internet users and home workers should be satisfied with this package.

Vodafone Broadband

Full Fibre 500

24 month contract Fibre + Phone

500Mb / second

Average speed



£40.00 / month

£0 upfront fees


Along with the expanded bandwidth offered, this fixed broadband package comes at the same price of the Ultrafast 500 package at just £30 per month, meaning it's great value for money should you be able to get it. 

Deal Download Speed Contract Length Monthly Cost
Vodafone Full Fibre 500 500Mbps 24 months £30
BT Full Fibre 500 500Mbps 24 months £45.99
Sky Ultrafast Broadband Plus 500Mbps 18 months £40
EE Fibre Max 500 500Mbps 24 months £40.50

Full Fibre 900 review

Vodafone Full Fibre 900 is the provider’s gigabit-capable package, offering blisteringly fast download and upload speeds of 900Mbps. This is one of the fastest broadband deals you can possible get right now in the UK, although its availability is currently fairly limited.

Vodafone Broadband

Full Fibre 900

24 month contract Fibre + Phone

910Mb / second

Average speed



£46.00 / month

£0 upfront fees


In terms of its price, Vodafone's top level package is very competitive compared to similar broadband only deals, costing just £45 per month currently. Take a look at how it matches up to its rival packages:

Deal Download Speed Contract Length Monthly Cost
Vodafone Full Fibre 900 900Mbps 24 months £45
Sky Gigafast Broadband 900Mbps 18 months £51
BT Full Fibre 900 910Mbps 24 months £55.99
TalkTalk Full Fibre 900 944Mbps 18 months £49

Availability: where can I get Vodafone broadband?

Vodafone, like many other providers, are part of the Openreach network, meaning that Vodafone broadband is widely available around the UK. Openreach superfast fibre network covers 96.4% of the UK.

Not all everyone will be able to get all of their deals though. Vodafone's Ultrafast and Gigafast deals require a fibre to the premises connection, which only around 25% of the UK can access.

If you’re unsure you can use our postcode checker to find out whether Vodafone broadband is available in your area.

Vodafone broadband installation review

Getting a new home broadband connection with Vodafone should be relatively straightforward. If your property has had a broadband connection before then you will not need an engineer to visit, unless you are upgrading from FTTC to a full fibre connection.

Installation will usually take around 14 days, but can be as quick as 10 days. If you need an engineer to visit for any reason, getting your broadband service will probably take a bit longer to get set up.

If your home already has a functioning phone line, you will be able to bypass any engineer visits and Vodafone will send you a router in the post.

Router review

All Vodafone broadband deals come with their Vodafone Wifi hub as standard.

Vodafone WiFi Hub

As far as broadband provider routers are concerned, the WiFi hub is quite advanced and will offer its users stable a stable internet connection.

The Vodafone WiFi hub comes with 7 antennae with beamforming (a technology that allows the router to better direct signals to a specific device), with support for dual-band 802.11ac Wi-Fi with 4x4 MIMO. In simpler language: the router will provide a strong wifi signal at long distances, helping ensure access to high internet speeds across your home.

Alongside this, the router comes with four gigabit ethernet ports, allowing users to make the most of full fibre connection speeds, and 2 USB ports.

With a Pro or Pro Xtra plan, users will also receive:

  • Super WiFi booster - This will help make sure you receive a reliable connection throughout your home - if you don't Vodafone will let you leave your contract for free.
  • 4G Broadband Back-up - If your home broadband goes down, your router will switch to a 4G internet connection using Vodafone's mobile network to ensure your service isn't disrupted.
  • WiFi Experts - If you are having any connectivity issues, Vodafone will provide you with access to their WiFi Expert engineers, who will be able to remotely monitor and resolve any internet connectivity issues you might encounter.

Vodafone broadband app review

The Vodafone WiFi hub can be accessed and controlled through the Vodafone Broadband app.

Vodafone Broadband App

The broadband app will allow you to:

  • Schedule WiFi time - set times that you have WiFi on or off. This could be useful if you want to make sure your kids aren't surfing the internet late into the night for instance!
  • Share WiFi details via a QR code - Provide your WiFi connection details without having to look under your router ever again.
  • View what is connected to your network - See everything connected to your internet, how long they have been connected for, and how strong the connection is.
  • Create a guest network - Useful if you have guests staying, you can easily set up a second WiFi connection that is separate from your primary network, keeping your data safe.
  • Block devices - Unsure what a device is? Block it easily with a click of a button.

Whilst some of these features often come as standard with routers (device blocking for instance, or scheduling WiFi time), most of them will usually only every be found on premium routers. In addition to this, accessing these settings through a phone app means users are certainly more likely to use these features than if they are hidden within the router's web interface (which is the case with most other routers).

Although not everyone will make full use of all these router features, it is good to see that Vodafone is setting itself apart from other broadband providers, who often provide base level routers that offer few features and often pretty poor performance.

Vodafone Broadband review: Performance and customer satisfaction

According to Ofcom’s customer service review 2022, Vodafone received an overall satisfaction score of 77%. This was the lowest overall customer satisfaction score out of the 8 major broadband providers included in the survey, although it was only 6 percentage points lower than the industry-wide average of 83%. 

In terms of the satisfaction with the speed that Vodafone customers were receiving, however, the provider score 81% - just over the industry average of 80%. Only BT and Sky customers were found to be overall more satisfied with their broadband speeds.

Unfortunately, as 2022 was the first year that Vodafone was included in Ofcom’s broadband survey, there is no data available on whether Vodafone has been improving year-on-year.

Vodafone customer service

When it comes to customer service, Vodafone has performed quite poorly when compared to the other major broadband providers, according to Ofcom’s report. 

26% of Vodafone customers had a reason to complain in 2022, the highest proportion of any of the providers included in the survey, with the average being 20%. They also received a fairly high number of complaints to Ofcom per 100,000 subscribers, at 64 - above the average of 49. However, it wasn’t the worst provider based on this metric, with Virgin Media and TalkTalk receiving even more official complaints.

When it came to handling customer complaints, just 45% of respondents felt satisfied, slightly below the industry average of 50%. One area of customer service it did perform well in, however, was average call waiting times - at just 1 minute and 18 seconds, this was almost a whole minute less than the average, and significantly less than KCOM, whose waiting times averaged almost 9 minutes.

If you’re a Vodafone customer already and you have any issues with the broadband provider, you can get in touch with their customer service team for free by calling 191 from a Vodafone mobile. If you’re not a Vodafone mobile customer, however, you can call 0333 304 0191 from any phone, although charges will apply. This line is open every day of the week from 8am to 8pm.

Alternatively, you can get in touch on their website with the help of Vodafone’s chat bot TOBi, who is available 24/7 and can also get you through to a human adviser should you need it.

Vodafone public reviews

Unfortunately, Vodafone hasn't got great customer reviews from the likes of Trustpilot and 

It's currently rated just 1.3 stars on Trustpilot, out of more than 16,000 reviews, with 87% of respondents rating it as 'bad'. However, it should be noted that Vodafone is primarily a mobile network provider, so we'd assume that the majority of these poor reviews are in relation to that department of its business. 

That being said, some damning customer reviews relating to Vodafone's broadband service can be found, with most complaining about being cut off, slower speeds than advertised, and poor customer service. 

Vodafone is rated even lower on, scoring just 1.2 stars, but out of a smaller pool of just under 2,000 reviews. Multiple reviews have complained about faulty routers and a poor landline service. 

Vodafone Broadband review: Verdict

Overall, Vodafone offers a good range of broadband deals at various speed levels. Average download speeds of up to 910Mbps are in line with most of the UK’s major broadband providers, although these faster packages are slowly being rolled out and are not yet available to the majority of UK households.

Vodafone’s broadband only deals are also fairly good value for money, currently starting at just £20 a month. We believe, however, that one of its best value deals is the Superfast 100 package, which offers 100Mbps average download speeds for a very reasonable price of just £25 per month. Furthermore, none of their packages come with any upfront costs, which when compared to some other providers, makes Vodafone look even better value for money.

It also has impressive parental control features, so Vodafone would be an ideal choice for families, while the Vodafone Broadband app comes with some pretty nifty control features. 

When it comes to bundle packages, however, Vodafone is lacking when compared to the likes of BT, Sky, and Virgin Media. If you’re after a contract that covers both your broadband and TV service, then Vodafone probably isn’t the right provider for you.

Vodafone also lacks slightly when it comes to customer service, falling behind many other major UK providers according to official customer satisfaction reports. However, if you’re after a simple but cost-effective broadband only package, Vodafone is surely a good bet.