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Fastest broadband in my area

Fastest broadband in my area

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Last updated: 08 February 2022

Fast broadband, while becoming more accessible, still depends on where you live and what you’re willing to pay. 
We talk you through how to find the fastest broadband in your area. 

What broadband speed can I get in my area?

It's important to remember that while there are swathes of broadband providers, not all will actually operate where you live. Broadband offers in London might not be available elsewhere; there will certainly be different broadband offers in Northern Ireland, for example. That's why you need to put in your postcode first, to avoid wasting precious time.

Once you've done this, it couldn’t be simpler. Our comparison tool can show you available broadband packages in your area, and to find the fastest broadband, simply sort or filter results by speed to match your preferences.

Not sure if you are already on a speedy internet connection? Check out our speed test to find out how fast your current package is!

It’s worth knowing that, in occasional instances, independent networks have been known to set up in remote areas, installing broadband where big providers have been unable to offer or implement it. 

What is the fastest broadband provider in my area?

In a few select areas of the UK, populations can get Ultra Fibre Optic (UFO) speeds – we’re talking over 1 Gbps. Some small, specialist broadband providers can offer this, as well as a handful of the main networks (such as TalkTalk). But on the whole, these speeds are a way off yet for most of the UK population.

Superfast and ultrafast broadband deals from Virgin Media are the most widely available in the UK, so if you’re after these speeds you’ll need to check whether Virgin cover your area. They lead the way by a fair stretch with their speeds.

New-build properties are often limited to BT broadband for a number of years after completion. Some areas may be able to get BT superfast fibre broadband; others may have more limited options.

For more details on which providers can offer you high-speed internet, see our page "which provider has the fastest broadband?".

Fibre is fastest - but is it available in my area?

Fibre-optic broadband is the fastest broadband available in the UK. This is because of the connection travels through fibre-optic glass cables rather than copper ones.  

But within the fibre domain, there are several rankings. You have superfast fibre and ultrafast fibre that supersede fibre-optic, as well as the mystical Ultra Fibre Optic we mentioned earlier.

Plus, remember that not every part of the UK may be able to access fibre broadband. Major cities usually have better fibre coverage than rural areas, though it's still worth checking what's available if you live out in the country.

Unsure what speed of internet is right for your household? Read our guide 'What broadband speed do I need?' to find out.


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