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Do I need a student card to get student broadband?

Do I need a student card to get student broadband?

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Last updated: 21 May 2021

Many broadband providers will offer exclusive broadband offers for students, but you may need to provide some proof that you're actually studying.

Do I need a student card to get student broadband offers?

Student broadband deals offer an attractive hook over regular broadband, in that you can find contract terms of 9 months as opposed to the staple 12, 18 or 24 months. Perfect for those not locked into traditional tenancy contracts or in temporary accommodation.

In order to grab yourself one of these deals, providers will often ask for proof that you’re a student. Otherwise, they’re not exclusive student internet packages, are they? One way to prove this is with your student card, which is issued by your university, so you may find you’re asked to provide the details of yours.

What if I don’t have a student card?

If you don’t have a student card, don’t fret. There are a number of broadband providers who accept, or even require, you to use your student email address in order to open account instead. This’ll be your official contact email, which ends in  

When you look for student broadband, providers should clearly outline in their term and conditions what you’ll need in order to sign up to a contract and to prove you’re a student.

Are there student broadband offers that don’t require student cards?

Yes, and you should look out for these. There are plenty of broadband deals suitable for students which aren’t explicitly marketed as such. Often, these are budget-friendly and may still come with additional perks such as cash rewards or vouchers. In fact, we strongly recommend you expand your search to look out for these, as often the flexibility of 9-month contracts can come at a premium and, in actuality, you may well get a better deal on a 12-month contract, saving money overall.

On that note, you’ll often only find student broadband at the start of the academic year.


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