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Compare courier insurance quotes online

If you use your vehicle for delivery jobs, you must have the right type of courier insurance in place. Compare policies and get a quote now.

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Rated 5/5 based on over 680 reviews
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What is courier insurance?

If you use your vehicle to deliver goods customers, then you’ll need courier insurance. Whether you use a car, van, truck, motorcycle, or even a bicycle, standard vehicle insurance just won’t cut it. Courier insurance can also cover the cost of the goods you’re transporting, as well as the vehicle itself.

But courier insurance doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg. We'll show you how to keep your courier insurance costs low, and let you compare policies so that you can find the right cover for you.

How to get courier insurance quotes?


Tell us about yourself

Click ‘get quotes’ to be taken to our form. Fill out a few quick questions about yourself and the level of cover you require, including your address and the type of vehicle you want covered.


Discuss options with a service agent

A dedicated agent from our partner SEOPA will get in touch with you over the phone to discuss the options you have, detailing the best quotes we’ve found for you from across the market.


Get covered

Once you’ve decided on an insurer and quote that works for you, we’ll complete the purchase with you over the phone, giving you instant cover once completed.

Do I need courier insurance?

Courier insurance is a legal requirement for delivery drivers in the UK, so if your job involves delivering products to customers, then it’s more than likely that you’ll need this kind of cover.

If the police pull you over whilst on the job and you don’t have the correct insurance in place, you could be charged with an IN10 conviction, which could lead to points on your licence and a fine.

How much does courier insurance cost?

Whatever type of vehicle you use to make deliveries, be it a car, van, motorcycle, or bike, you will be able to find a courier insurance policy to cover you.

The exact nature of your job will determine which type of courier insurance you need. For example, drivers working for delivery companies such as Amazon, UPS, or Hermes, have different needs and risks to food delivery drivers working for Deliveroo or Uber Eats.

Important: If you drive a truck or lorry, and you tend to make deliveries over long distances to a single location, then you will need haulage insurance instead. Although this is similar to courier insurance, it has some key differences that reflect the different risks involved. Always make sure you have the correct insurance before taking on any jobs.

What does courier insurance cover?

When taking out courier insurance, you will have the option to choose your level of cover, and then pick which other types of insurance you’d like to add to your policy, depending on the specifics of your delivery job.

Basic cover

When it comes to the basic level of cover, courier insurance is similar to other types of vehicle insurance. Typically, you’ll have three options:

This is the most basic level of insurance, covering the costs of any damage caused to other people’s vehicles or property.

This offers the same level of protection as a third party only policy, with added cover against your vehicle being stolen or damaged by fire.

This is the highest level of insurance, covering everything that third party, fire and theft policies cover, as well as damage caused to your own vehicle in an accident.

What extra cover can I get with a courier insurance policy?

Once you’ve chosen your desired level of insurance, you will then have the option to add other layers of cover onto your policy. What you end up going for should be determined by the type of goods you deliver:


Goods in transit insurance

One of the most important types of cover for courier drivers. It covers the costs of the goods you’re delivering should they be damaged, lost, or stolen.


Public liability insurance

Covers any compensation costs should a member of the public be injured by your vehicle whilst you’re on the job.


Employers’ liability insurance

If you run a company that employs multiple delivery drivers, this will cover the costs of any lost income should any members of staff be injured or fall ill at work.


Legal expenses insurance

Covers the cost of any legal fees should a member of the public choose to take you to court over a workplace incident.


Tools insurance

Covers the costs of any work tools you keep in your vehicle should they be damaged, lost, or stolen.


Courtesy vehicle insurance

Will provide you with a courtesy vehicle to temporarily replace your own one should it need maintenance or repairs, or has been stolen.


Personal accident insurance

Covers lost income and any medical costs should you be injured on the job and are thus out of work for a period of time.


Personal possessions insurance

Covers the cost of any personal items that you keep in your vehicle, should they be damaged, lost, or stolen.


Breakdown cover

Covers the cost of any roadside assistance you may need should your vehicle break down. You will often get priority with breakdown cover too, meaning you won’t have to spend hours on the side of the road waiting for help.

How much does courier insurance cost?

The exact price of your courier insurance premiums will depend on a number of factors, including the level of cover and any add-ons you require. Other factors such as the type of vehicle you drive, the types of goods you deliver, and the amount of hours you spend on the roads will all go towards determining how much you pay to be insured.

Prices start at under £10 a month for the most basic policies, rising quite considerably up to around £200 per month for more comprehensive plans. You should always make sure to run an insurance comparison to avoid paying over the odds.

Another thing to be aware of is excess costs. Like any other insurance product, you will have to pay an excess fee when making a claim before your insurer can pay out. Different policies will have different levels of excess, so remember to take this into account when comparing quotes; you wouldn’t want a policy that you can’t afford to claim on!

Do I need courier insurance?

How to get cheaper courier insurance

As with most forms of insurance, life insurance can be divided into multiple categories. But with so many options, which type of life insurance should you go for? It depends on your personal circumstances, and what you intend to get out of your life insurance policy. The main types of life insurance available in the UK are:

Consider your vehicle

Consider your vehicle

Just like car and van insurance, the bigger and more powerful your vehicle, the higher your insurance premium will be. Delivery drivers who use small motorcycles, scooters, or bikes, have lower insurance costs than those who drive cars or

Increase your voluntary excess

Increase your voluntary excess

Usually, you can cut the cost of your premium by choosing to pay a higher voluntary excess. However, be careful not to set it too high so it becomes unaffordable to make a claim.

Pay upfront

Pay upfront

Most insurers will give you the option to either pay monthly or annual premiums. While paying for the whole year upfront may seem like a significant cost, it almost always works out cheaper over the course of the year than paying month by month.

Watch your mileage (drivers)

Watch your mileage (drivers)

Insurers set your premium based on risk. So, the more time you spend on the road, the higher your premiums will be. Try to limit your mileage as much as you can for cheaper insurance, and also try to drive during the day and in good weather conditions. Of course, this is not always possible, but anything you can do to save money will help!

Hire clean, experienced drivers (business owners)

Hire clean, experienced drivers (business owners)

If you’re buying insurance for a whole fleet of drivers under your employment, it may seem obvious but you should stick to hiring experienced drivers with clean licences. Younger drivers and those with convictions will invariably cost more to insure.

Compare quotes

Compare quotes

Don’t just go for the first quote you receive. Taking the time out to compare quotes from multiple providers will ensure you get one of the best deals available. We can help with this at usave; just tell us a few details about yourself and what kind of cover you require, and we’ll provide you with a list of quotes to choose from.

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