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Deliveroo insurance

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Last updated: 05 July 2022

Deliveroo has transformed the takeaway market over the past few years, vastly widening available options and bringing fine dining to customers' living rooms. 
If you want to join the ranks of Deliveroo drivers, bringing mouth-watering meals to hungry households, you’re going to need the right insurance. It’s not always easy to know what this is, but, we do, and have laid it all out in this handy guide

Do I need separate insurance for Deliveroo?

While you won’t need a policy specific to Deliveroo to work for them, you will need a form of courier insurance. Unfortunately, your private vehicle insurance (assuming you have one) won’t cut it.   

You will need to purchase additional hire and reward insurance, which offers a wide range of protection for delivery drivers, or a more specific fast food delivery policy. 

The reason you need separate insurance is because of the nature of food delivery. It is a profession that comes with it’s own range of potential risks, and it’s legally required to have a policy that takes those into account.  

The only time that you do not need a standalone insurance policy to work for Deliveroo is if you are cycling, rather than using a moped or car.

Are Deliveroo drivers insured as standard?

Despite the fact that Deliveroo drivers are required by the company to have an appropriate policy, it is not provided as standard. Riders are expected to sort out their own cover.

What Deliveroo do provide all their drivers with is a level of cover to fill in the gaps that a normal food courier policy may not include. This includes the following: 

  • Loss of earnings cover: Your salary will still be paid if an injury or illness means you cannot work
  • New child payment: Regular delivery drivers for Deliveroo are able to claim 拢1000 for the birth or adoption of a child
  • Public liability: Protects drivers against any compensation costs for causing an injury to someone at work. For those using cars or mopeds, this only applies when you are not actually operating your vehicle

How much does Deliveroo insurance cost?

As with any kind of cover, how much your Deliveroo insurance costs will come down to a variety of factors. The most prevalent of these will be: 

  • What type of vehicle you will be using 
  • Your driving history 
  • Your age and how long you’ve been driving
  • Shift length 

Similarly, you may find yourself needing to answer questions about when and where you work. A courier who works nights in an urban area with high crime, for example, is far more likely to claim it than someone who works the day shift in a small town.

On top of these environmental and personal factors, your premium will be dictated by the type of cover you choose. As with normal car insurance, the minimum legal requirement to drive for Deliveroo is a third party only policy, which ensures that any damage done to another's vehicle is covered. However, many will opt to go for a more comprehensive policy, which can cost more.

What happens if you don’t have Deliveroo insurance?

For those using vehicles, if you don’t have the correct courier insurance then you won’t be able to work at Deliveroo. Stringent checks will be carried out before your application is accepted to ensure that the company is not liable in case of an accident. If you are somehow able to secure work without the correct cover, then you certainly lose your job should you be found out. 

It’s also important to note that just like driving without insurance is illegal, being a food delivery driver without the correct policy could land you in trouble. If you are caught by police then you could find yourself facing criminal charges as well as inevitably losing your job. Fortunately, finding the correct courier insurance is simple, giving you no reason not to get insured.

Can I use my own car insurance for Deliveroo?

If you’re already a food delivery driver and have the appropriate courier cover, then you should be able to apply to Deliveroo without an issue. That being said, it’s always worth checking on the Deliveroo website just to make sure. Simply having a normal, day-to-day car insurance policy, will not suffice. 


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