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How to get cheap gas right now

How to get cheap gas right now

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Last updated: 14 July 2021

Gas deals are everywhere. But it can be hard to tell if you are getting the cheapest deal. We can help.
So, let us impart our wisdom to you so you can start saving money on your gas bill.

Save money on your energy bills

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Why should you compare gas prices?

We get that time is valuable, and the last thing you want to do with those precious spare moments is to think about switching gas suppliers. Better to just let your tariff continue, right? Wrong.

For that little bit of time spent shopping around, you could save yourself literally hundreds on your annual gas bill if you compare energy plans first.

Using an energy comparison tool like ours takes the hassle out. Within moments you’ll see what energy deals are available in your area from a host of suppliers, household names like British Gas or up-and-coming green energy suppliers.

Clear as daylight, you’ll then be able to see how much you could save if you switched energy supplier.

How much does gas usually cost?

The cost of gas varies from supplier to supplier and from tariff to tariff. Global gas prices are volatile, so providers determine their rates on account of this, alongside any company policies. But alas, the variety in pricing paves the way for healthy competition and, by result, cheap gas deals.

Your gas bill will depend on your tariff, too. A fixed-rate tariff means that the per-unit cost of energy you consume, measured in kilowatt hours (kwh), stays the same throughout your contract term. A variable rate tariff, on the other hand, means gas prices rise and fall with the wholesale cost of energy, so some months you could pay more or less than average fixed-rate deals.

As a benchmark though, the average price of gas per kwh in the UK is currently 4.4p/kwh, according to Ofgem. Average figures are helpful to seeing whether you’re paying way over the odds for your gas supply.

In addition, you’ll need to pay a standing charge for your gas, which is a daily fee for having gas supplied to your home. Again, this varies between companies.

Who are the cheapest gas suppliers?

Vitally, suppliers won’t be of the same value for everyone. Energy deals target new customers with cheaper rates, specific to what region of the UK you live in. These deals change constantly as competition ramps up; as such, there aren’t blanket cheap gas suppliers.

That being said, when it comes to affordable gas, smaller, independent providers are starting to take the reins. Being up against the Big Six, they’ve got a big challenge in gaining customers, so often you'll find cheaper deals from lesser-known companies.

However, be aware of what you’re paying for. Sometimes cheap suppliers may be lacking in features like customer service, or may charge high exit fees to deter you from switching. In other cases, they come up trumps and may simply be better value for money.

If you see a cheap deal advertised by a provider, then do a quick Google search on them to check you’re not forgoing other valuable aspects of a company’s service.

If you’re ready to switch right now, take a look at the cheapest gas deals on the market today.

How can I get cheaper gas costs?

First things first: check what tariff you're on. A huge proportion of the UK are on a Standard Variable Tariff (SVT). These are default tariffs that consumers are placed on once their contract ends, and guess what? They're expensive. Taking out a new energy deal will considerably reduce your gas bill, so compare energy tariffs with us to get started.

If you're on a gas-only plan, then consider switching to a dual tariff if you use electricity as well. Rather than having two separate energy deals, having one supplier in control of all your energy woes is not only less hassle, but can be more economical too.

When you compare gas deals, have a recent usage statement to hand. Accurate information will ensure you don’t select a tariff based on higher consumption estimates than you actually use. You could also install a smart meter to guarantee your supplier gets precise readings automatically.

When should I switch gas suppliers?

The best time to switch gas suppliers is at the end of your contract – do not let yourself be rolled onto an SVT or you’ll be paying well over the odds.

However, it’s possible you might find a great deal mid-way through your term. In which case, consider whether paying early termination fees (if applicable) is worth the cost – it could well be.

In winter, gas consumption is much higher than your yearly average. As such, switching suppliers before winter begins means the estimate you provide won’t be skewed by this increase.

How do I compare cheap gas deals?

Run an energy comparison in order to see what cheap gas deals are available. Don't worry, this doesn't involve ringing round every supplier in the UK! Simply use an energy comparison tool such as ours. Pop in your postcode so we can show you available gas deals in your area.

Information is power, so to get your mitts on the best gas deal on the market have your annual statement to hand. Knowing your current consumption of gas means we’ll show the most suitable tariffs for you with more accurate pricing estimations.

We’ll just need a few further details, such as how you’d like to pay for your bill and then we’re all set. You can filter your results by price to find the cheapest deal.


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Danny Lord

Author: Danny Lord

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