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How to Make Your Home More Energy Efficient

Last updated: 20. 05. 2020

How to Make Your Home More Energy Efficient
Learning how to maximise energy efficiency in your home can save you money throughout the year. Read on to learn about our top energy saving tips.

Use energy saving light bulbs

Optimising lighting efficiency is important as lighting accounts for about 15% of your household’s energy bill. Energy saving light bulbs can be bought in most hardware stores and supermarkets and use up to 80% less electricity than conventional bulbs. Also, as they last much longer than traditional bulbs you don’t have to bother yourself with replacing them anywhere near as much.

People used to avoid energy efficient bulbs largely because of the time they take to fully light up. But the LED bulbs available nowadays light up instantly and can work with dimmer switches too. They also now cost a fraction of what they used to, so expect to see them more and more in the future.

Always consider whether you need a light to actually be on and remember to turn off lights after you leave a room.

Stop that draft

Make sure to cover up any gaps in door and window frames with insulation in order to keep warm air within your home. Cold air coming into your house will drive up heating bills which can cost you up to 30% more each year. Opting to use decorative draft stoppers to put under your doors can make your house both warmer and more fashionable.

For windows, buy a waterproof sealant from your local hardware store and make sure any noticeable holes are filled up. Also, closing a window is not always enough to completely prevent a draft coming in from outside - locking them is best.

Watch your thermostat

Room thermostats prevent your house from being warmer than it needs to be as you can select an exact temperature. Turning your thermostat down by just one degree can save you around £55 a year, so layer up and turn that heating down!

Turn appliances off

After using a home appliance or device, remember to switch it off! And that doesn’t mean leaving it on standby - switch it off at the wall. If everyone in the UK turned their TVs off overnight instead of leaving them on standby, the UK would save £66 million on domestic energy bills.

Use your radiators wisely

Since radiators tend to be the main source of heat in any house, it’s important to make sure they’re used efficiently.

One useful tip is to let your radiators breathe. Try and organise your room so that furniture isn’t blocking or covering your radiators. This will maximise heat transfer to the air in the room, in turn keeping your house warm instead of your furniture.

You can also put foil behind radiators, which will reflect heat back into your room that would have otherwise been transferred into the wall. Finally, don’t heat empty rooms. If you decide to keep the heating on, make sure radiators are switched off in rooms that are not in use.

Home energy management systems

Home energy management systems are devices that monitor your energy usage around the house. They can provide advice on how to reduce energy wastage and save money on your energy bills. Energy management systems can also be set up to connect to hot water and boiler systems, making them more efficient by considering the thermal conditions of the home. They also take into account the amount of hot water your household typically uses and can adjust the boiler accordingly.

A smart meter can also help you to reduce your energy bills. The government is aiming to have a smart meter installed in most homes around the UK by 2020. Smart meters measure your gas and electricity usage automatically and send accurate data to your energy supplier each month. They also show you usage data in real time, and you can use this information to make your home more energy efficient.

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