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iSupply ceased trading in 2020 and was taken over by EDF Energy.

iSupply summary

  • iSupplyEnergy is now owned by EDF Energy, one of the big six energy companies in the U.K., ensuring a higher standard of energy provision.
  • iSupplyEnergy used 100% renewable energy sources.
  • Despite a scandal for which the company was punished, they had favourable ratings from their customer base.
  • The reviews about this company may have been mixed, but customers agreed that the price was competitive and cheaper than most providers.  

Who are the iSupply Group?

iSupply Group first started operating in 2012 and was based in Bournemouth. The company started initially by providing electricity until 2015 when it added gas to its product line. 

iSupplyEnergy served around 190,000 domestic customers in the U.K. before going bust in 2020. 

In 2017, the company was acquired by the Swedish company Vattenfall, which serves more than 9 million customers across Europe. iSupplyEnergy kept the name, employees, and offices in the deal.  

Vattenfall has already invested more than £4 billion into renewable energy sources in the U.K. so far and made moves to make iSupplyEnergy a more sustainable energy provider.

EDF Energy later acquired iSupplyEnergy from Vattenfall in March 2020. EDF is known for being one of the energy industry leaders working toward a low-carbon future, with a high customer service rating on Trustpilot and currently in second place on the Citizens Advice league table, out of 40 energy suppliers. 

Do iSupply offer renewable energy?

According to the official iSupplyEnergy website, the company’s energy plans included 100% green electricity from renewable sources like solar and wind.

The company had long term plans to include green gas, which involved 100% carbon-neutral gas, while also investing in carbon reduction projects to offset carbon emissions.

While iSupplyEnergy did not provide electricity to businesses, EDF Energy does. EDF Energy is one of the Big Six U.K. energy suppliers. 

When it comes to bills, iSupplyEnergy accounts were all online and paperless. Meter readings were submitted online through your account. Each new account had to be paid by a monthly direct debit, except for prepayment meters, where a prepayment key needed to be topped up before you could use the energy. 

iSupply Customer Reviews

iSupplyEnergy’s customer base consisted of domestic users. On Trustpilot, iSupplyEnergy reviews show the company had an aggregate rating of 4.2, which is good. However, several customer complaints seem to have gone unsolved or led to frustrated reviews.

Another issue arose in 2019 when iSupply Group was accused of allowing customer bills to accrue to as high as £800 before demanding payment. iSupplyEnergy was one of five energy companies involved in this unethical business practice, including overcharging customers. 

The industry body Ofgem fined them £1.5 million. Customers who were overcharged should be compensated, according to the ruling made after the incident.

In a survey of energy companies conducted by Which?, iSupplyEnergy reviews indicated that the company had a customer score of 64%, which was one percentage point above the average of 35 energy companies in the U.K.

iSupply Energy fuel mix

iSupply offers 100% renewable power

Coal - 0%
Gas - 0%
Nuclear - 0%
Renewable - 100%
Other - 0%