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Spark Energy

Spark Energy review and deals

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Spark Energy, a smaller, independent energy supplier will soon be merging with SSE. Some of the key features of this young supplier are:  


  • First energy supplier to be built around the rental property market
  • Partnered with OVO energy, and now customers are being migrated to SSE
  • Clever mobile app allows you to pay bills, check usage, and view account history
  • Customer rating indicates room for improvement

Spark Energy company introduction

Spark Energy is an independent supplier in the UK that offers affordable tariffs and energy deals to its consumers. Since its foundation, it grew fast, supplying gas and electricity to over 350,000 customers across the UK. Spark positions itself as the only energy supplier to be built around the rental property market. In addition to energy deals, Spark also provides phone, broadband and TV contracts for tenants. Spark was recently bought over by OVO Energy, and its customers are now being moved to SSE thanks to the partnership between the two  companies.

Spark Energy fuel mix

It's important to know where your supplier gets their energy from:

Coal - 14%
Gas - 41%
Nuclear - 11%
Renewable - 29%
Other - 4%

Tariffs offered by Spark Energy

Spark Energy offers gas, electricity, as well as dual fuel tariffs. Their plans are designed to be easy to switch, since they focus mostly on rental properties. Though not the cheapest in the market, Spark’s tariffs are reasonably priced, and offer a range of options depending on your needs. Two of their most popular tariffs are:


Move in Saver Tariff

This is a Pay-As-You-Go tariff that is targeted towards people who have just moved into a new property. Prices for energy under this tariff are variable and fluctuate with market prices. But in the plus side, you don’t have to pay any exit fees when switching to a new provider. A slight variant of this tariff, the Move in Saver Direct Debit tariff, offers customers a discount if paying by Direct Debit.


Fixed Saver Tariff

A fixed-rate tariff that guarantees the amount you will pay for the price of energy, the Fixed Saver tariff is an ideal option in case you are on a tight budget and don’t have the time to monitor energy prices. Prices for energy under this tariff are guaranteed until June 2021, which gives you greater flexibility. However, you may need to pay exit fees for switching from this tariff.

Spark Energy reviews and customer perception

Spark Energy ranked 33 out of 35 suppliers in the annual Which? customer satisfaction survey. Although its prices are not the most expensive, consumers say that their services offer less value for money, and that sometimes you may end up paying hidden charges.  Apart from this, Spark Energy scored quite low on customer service, complaint management and its usage of digital tools.