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Motorola phone contracts

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About Motorola

Motorola pioneered the first mobile phone back in 1983 with the DynaTAC. What else could you ask for from a mobile phone manufacturer?

Motorola has recently celebrated 45 years as a mobile phone manufacturer, producing a wide variety of market options. In these four decades they have explored all kinds of territory from humongous and heavy models, to keyboard-rotating phones, and now to cutting-edge budget-friendly options.

One of the company’s strengths is diversity. They offer a wide range of products across different price ranges so you will most definitely find one that suits your needs, whether that be a simple but effective £150 phone or a fully equipped £800 phone. This guide will walk you through some of their latest models, ranging from the G Family and the One Vision, to the innovative Z series.

Moto G7 Series

The mobile phones of the Moto G7 series are one of the best value-for-money options in the mid-range phone market. They come equipped with the latest Android 9 Pie and a Qualcomm Snapdragon 632 octa-core processor, which has been marketed as 50% more responsive than the previous G6 generation processor. The G7 also has a few impressive features in terms of its camera, including high resolution zoom and auto smile capture.

As the Moto G7 was the flagship device for the entire G7 series, most of its features also span across other models such as the G7 Power, the G7 Plus and the G7 Play. However, there are a few distinct features that set each model apart.

The G7 Power comes with a jaw-dropping 5000 mAh battery life which lasts up to 60 hours. It also guarantees 9 hours of power from 15 minutes of charge. The G7 Plus, on the other hand, was the first in the series to introduce Optical Image Stabilization, which reduces motion blur in your images and makes them look sharper. If all of this sounds great, but you wouldn’t mind sacrificing a few camera features for a cheaper option, consider the G7 Play, the only one of the series that costs under £150.

Motorola One Vision

The Motorola One Vision is probably the most distinct of the Motorola phones, featuring certain exclusive characteristics. This phone comes with Google Assistant, meaning that you can get a wide range of tasks done with voice commands. In terms of camera features, it has two lenses on the rear (48MP + 5MP) and a front facing 25MP camera for selfies, all of which are equipped with Google Lens. It is also powered by a 2.2GHz octa-core Exynos 9609 processor and comes with 128GB of internal storage which can be easily expanded to 512GB by using a microSD card.

However, the most impressive feature of the Motorola One Vision is its software security. It is equipped with Google Play Protect, a service which uses Google’s machine learning to verify billions of apps every day in order to keep your phone secure. This, coupled with monthly security updates exclusive to the Motorola One Vision, will surely keep your phone protected against online threats.

Moto Z3 and Z4

This wouldn’t be a proper Motorola phone guide without briefly touching on the Z series models offered by the company. At the end of the spectrum manufactured by Motorola, the Z models are definitely the most expensive, but also the ones that come packed with the most features and goodies. The Z3 and Z4 are the most recent models in this strand, and both have a Full HD + OLED display and up to 2TB of possible expandable storage.

The Z3 model was the world’s first 5G-upgradable smartphone in partnership with Verizon, one of the reasons why it was awarded the CES 2019 Innovation Award. While the Z3 was ground-breaking, the Z4 is a more recent model, so if you are torn between the two there are a few differences you should keep in mind.

The Z4’s display of 6.4’’ is slightly bigger than the Z3’s 6.01’’. The design is also different as the Z4 evolved from a glass body to an aluminium finish to make it more resistant. The latest model also introduced a new Night Vision mode which allows you to take better photos even in low light.

Probably the best feature that comes with the Z series phones is their compatibility with the Moto Mod system. These are a range of accessories (extra battery life, speakers, and even a mobile screen projector) that can be attached to your phone via magnets and pogo pins. With the high competition in today’s world, Motorola should be praised for continuing to accommodate for its accessories and keeping them up to date.

Motorola never fails to innovate, and with their vast array of models available on the market, you are sure to find one that works best for you.

Moto G8 Series

The latest range of smartphones released by Motorola is the Moto G8 series. While the Moto G8 is not considered a high-end smartphone with all the latest features and technology, it's definitely a model with greater value for money. In fact, when it was released in 2020, it was even cheaper than the Moto G7 was at its launch. 

If you're on a budget but still want a great-looking smartphone with an impressive camera and long-battery life, the Moto G8 could be the phone for you.