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Nokia phone contracts

G 11 Dual SIM
X 10 5G
X R21 5G Dual SIM
X 30 5G
G 60
G 42 5G Dual SIM
G 22
C 32
C 22 Dual SIM
C 2 2nd Edition
C 12
C 02 Dual SIM
2720 Flip
2660 Flip
105 2023

About Nokia

Over the years Nokia has gained a reputation for producing strong and long-lasting mobile phones using innovative new technology. With a wealth of experience in the telecommunications industry, Nokia climbed to the top in the 1990s and was the best-selling mobile phone brand by 1998.

Despite no longer enjoying the consumer success of yesteryear, Nokia have been going strong behind the scenes, playing a significant role in the development of mobile phone standards such as GSM, 3G and LTE.

Nokia is currently the third largest network equipment manufacturer in the world, and is leading the transition to 5G wireless technology.

Top deals from Nokia

Nokia produce a wide range of mobile devices, from modern smartphones to more traditional handsets. This means that you will be able to find the right Nokia device for you based on what you use your mobile phone for. Be sure to compare the monthly and upfront costs of specific contracts to find the right deal for you, and look out for cashback deals that could save you money in the long run.

Nokia 8.3

The Nokia 8.3 is a sleek smartphone that fulfils all of your technology needs. With a capacity of 64GB and an elegant design, this device ensures you look professional while updating your Instagram or browsing the web. It also comes with 5G capability, something no previous Nokia phone has been able to do.

Contracts for the Nokia 8.3 start at £17.00 per month, increasing to around £30.00 depending on your data needs - unlimited minutes and texts are offered as standard. Providers like EE and Vodafone request an upfront cost of up to £143.99, while for contracts with a larger monthly cost, such as from O2, the handset is free.

Nokia 3310 (2017) 3G Version

If you are not interested in having access to the newest mobile phone technology and mainly use your device for calls and texts, the Nokia 3310 (2017) could be right for you. This is a more traditional handset with a number keypad, and comes in either blue or grey. Deals for this device are very affordable, starting from just £6.99 per month with the handset thrown in for free. iD Mobile, provided by Carphone Warehouse, offer a wide range of deals that cater to any budget.

Nokia 7.1

This model is very similar to the Nokia 8.1 in that it is a smartphone with a capacity of 64GB. However, its slightly older software means that deals on this device tend to be a little cheaper, and the handset comes in both grey and blue. Deals start from just £17.00 a month with no upfront cost, with EE providing the widest range of deals on this model.

Nokia 9 PureView

The 9 PureView has been lauded as the best mobile phone that Nokia has ever made. Part of the Android One family, it comes with a whopping 5 cameras on the back and sports a slick and sleek design. Two of the cameras are used for capturing full colour photos, whereas the other three are used for depth, contrast and exposure. On the inside it carries the Snapdragon 845 chipset with 6GB of RAM. It’s made from a combination of glass and metal, is IP67 rated for protection against water and dust, supports wireless charging and even has an in-display fingerprint scanner (although it does lack a headphone jack).