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Sony Xperia L4

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At a glance

  • 6.2 Inch LCD screen
  • Android 9.0
  • Triple Camera, 13MP Wide, 5MP Ultrawide and 2MP Depth. 1080P Video recording
  • 3580 mAh battery
  • £169.99, £14.99 pcm (Carphone Warehouse)


  • Cheap handset. If you're looking for a sim-only option, to get away from long, expensive contracts.
  • Easy to handle, the narrow screen means the Xperia L4 feels less bulky than many other budget smartphones.
  • 21:9 Aspect ratio. If you like watching movies on your phone the Xperia range accommodate widescreen video without black bands above and below the screen.

Design and appearance

The Xperia L4 has the same 21:9 Aspect ratio screen featured across the Xperia range. Unlike the other Xperia's it does feature a notch in the screen, which houses the front camera. Despite this, it's a fairly clean look and alongside the understated design, the Xperia L4 looks fairly serious, and doesn't appear cheap despite its price point. At 6.2 Inches the Xperia L4 is a good size for one-handed use, and it feels comfortable due to its slimmer shape (Smartphones often feel bulky because of their width.)


The Xperia L4 contains a triple camera, including wide and ultrawide lenses. In the budget category this is a solid camera set up, although it is definitely not spectacular. Daylight photography is fairly good, but the Xperia L4 struggles with low-light and night-time shooting.

The Xperia L4 shoots video in 1080p and has electronic image stabilisation software.


The Xperia L4's display is in Sony's characteristic 21:9 aspect ratio, but the display itself is LCD, and won't accommodate the HD image quality of the more expensive Xperia models. This screen shape is designed to allow users to watch widescreen movie content on platforms like Netflix and Amazon Prime without black bands above and below the screen. It is also handy for users who play games which have on-screen controls, as the extra screen width makes the games feel less cluttered.

The display is clear although some independent reviews have criticised the low screen brightness in outdoor settings.

Software and features

The Xperia L4 uses Android 9.0 and doesn't have the RAM capabilities to upgrade to Android 10. There are few flashy features on this handset other than its irregular screen size. The Xperia L4 does have a side mounted fingerprint sensor, which sets it apart from most competitors which use touchscreen fingerprint sensors.


The Xperia L4 uses a MediaTek HelioP22 processing chip, which is fairly low-powered for this price range. The phone therefore experiences some slow app-loading and struggles to play high end games, but for day-to-day scrolling and browsing this chipset will do the job!