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Three International Roaming Policy

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What is Go Roam?

Go Roam in Europe is available automatically on all Three tariffs and makes use of your regular UK allowance in order to send texts, make calls, and use data whilst in Europe. You can also call and text between Go Roam in Europe destinations all without it costing you a penny more than you already pay for your allowance.

Go Roam Around the World is available on all Three tariffs (except Essential Plans) and makes use of your UK allowance to make calls and send texts to the UK, as well as accessing the internet. However, calls to other local or international numbers are not included.

Both Go Roam packages are subject to a fair usage policy (explained below), and you may only use your phone for tethering if you have purchased a Data Passport.

How do I activate Go Roam?

As long as data roaming is switched on within your device’s settings, Go Roam will work automatically as soon as you arrive in a Go Roam destination.

Pay As You Go customers will need to have activated their SIM prior to leaving the UK and have made a ‘chargeable event’ (i.e. made a phone call, sent a text, or gotten online).

When you arrive in a Go Roam destination, you will receive a message outlining the roaming costs for that particular location. If you want to see the charges before you travel, you can check Three’s Roaming Charges page here.

What’s the fair usage policy?

For countries included in the Go Roam in Europe tariff, you may use upto 20GB of your data allowance at zero extra cost. Usage above this is subject to an additional charge. As for calls and texts, there are no fair usage limits for Go Roam in Europe destinations.

For Go Roam Around the World destinations things work a little differently:

  • If your tariff has a data allowance of 12GB or over, you may use up to 12GB of your data allowance per month. Usage above this will not be permitted.
  • If your tariff includes unlimited texts, you can send up to 5000 texts back to the UK each month.
  • If your tariff includes unlimited calls, up to 3000 minutes worth of calls can be made back to the UK each month.

What is the Data Passport?

The Data Passport allows you to use the internet over a mobile network connection for just £5 per day from midnight to midnight (UK time).

If you’re a heavy data user and want the best connectivity when you travel, the Data Passport is perfect for you. You may even use your phone as a Personal Hotspot if you have a Data Passport.