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Vodafone International Roaming Policy

How does roaming work on Vodafone?

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Vodafone Roam-free

There’s no extra charge to use your UK allowance of minutes, texts, and data in these 48 destinations as part of Roam-free. You may also use international add-ons, UK data packs, and any other international Extras that apply.

Your allowance can be used to call the UK or other Roam-free destinations, however calls from a Roam-free destination to a country outside of the UK or 48 Roam-free destinations will be charged at standard international rates. These rates depend on the country you are calling.

Mobile broadband is also included so you can use your data allowance as usual when travelling in Roam-free areas.

Premium-rate numbers are not included for calls and texts however, nor are inclusive entertainment services such as Amazon Prime Video or Sky Sports Mobile TV.

All customers on a Pay Monthly tariff (except for the Vodafone Basics plan) automatically benefit from Roam-free.

What are the extra charges on Roam-free?

As mentioned, there are no extra charges for using your UK allowance for minutes, texts, and data when you are in a Roam-free destination. However, if you exceed your allowance you’ll be charged the standard rates that apply when you’re in the UK.

What is the roaming data cap?

You can use as much data as you have in your UK allowance, but outside of your allowance your data usage in Roam-free destinations is capped at €50. Once this limit is reached you’ll need to turn off the roaming data cap in order to keep using data.

Vodafone Roam-further

For a fixed daily charge Vodafone Roam-further will allow you to use your UK allowance of minutes, texts, and data in the 104 Roam-further destinations listed here.

As with Roam-free, you can use UK data packs, international add-ons, and any other applicable bundles, but you can’t use inclusive entertainment services (Sky Sports Mobile TV, Amazon Prime, etc.), and premium rate numbers are not included.

Customers on a Pay Monthly plan will benefit from Roam-further automatically without having to activate it. Customers on a Vodafone Basics plan are excluded, however.

How will I be charged for Vodafone Roam-further?

When you use your device within one of the Roam-further destinations the Roam-further daily charge will automatically be applied to your bill. You won’t be charged for calls or texts that you receive whilst you are there.

The charge is only applied on the days on which you use your device, and is calculated from 00:00 to 23:59 local time for the capital city in the destination you are in.

For data, there is a 50kb grace allowance for Roam-further destinations before you started being charged.

You will be charged the standard out-of-plan rates if you exceed your UK allowances.

If you call or text a country outside of the Roam-further country you are travelling in, you will be charged the standard international charge on top of the daily Roam-further charge.