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What is VOXI?

VOXI is the trendy younger sibling of Vodafone. By contrast to traditional pay monthly contracts, it offers flexible SIM-only deals focusing on giving young people the data allowance they really need in 2021 and beyond.

VOXI was originally marketed as a product specifically for the under 25s, and deals were in fact only initially available to that demographic. But fear not - now it’s nice and inclusive and anyone of any age can join VOXI today.  

At a glance:

The good: The bad:
Use social media without using up any data No handsets available
Additional passes give you endless access to video and streaming apps No PAYG plans available
Good value tariffs Choice of tariffs is fairly limited
Maximum contract length of just 1 month Data can’t be rolled over
Unlimited calls and texts as standard Customer service is online-only
Free roaming in 48 European countries
5G coverage included as standard

VOXI mobile phone deals

VOXI is a SIM-only network. That means that the deals they offer include just an allowance of texts, minutes and data plus any additional package perks, which we’ll outline in the next segment.

VOXI don’t offer mobile phone contracts in a traditional sense, but they do offer something better. You can buy a handset on a monthly repayment plan and add your SIM-only deal on top of the cost.

Okay, so what’s different? Well, because you’re free to leave VOXI whenever you like, you can switch networks but still keep your unlocked handset, continuing to just pay off the device alone. It’s a credit-based system.

VOXI SIM-only deals

With VOXI, everything is stripped back. You won’t be scrawling through endless pages of ever-so-slightly different deals. It’s simple - you have 4 plans to choose from, which are correct at the time of writing:

  • 12GB data for £10 per month
  • 15GB data, 5G-ready and endless video-streaming for £15 per month
  • 45GB data, 5G-ready and endless video-streaming for £20 per month
  • Endless data and 5G-ready for £35 per month.

Each SIM-only deal is a 30-day contract, which can be set to recur should you wish. If not, then each month you can adjust your plan as you need.

You’ll be able to use your VOXI SIM in any phone, provided it’s unlocked.

What network does VOXI use?

In the UK, there are only four mobile phone networks, known as the Big Four. These are EE, O2, Three and Vodafone. Any other mobile network provider you come across will be what’s called a piggyback network, so named because they actually just lease space off one of the Big Four’s infrastructure.

In the case of VOXI, it runs off the Vodafone’s network. In fact, it’s owned by them. However, because VOXI aims to offer more affordable plans, they don’t have all the features of Vodafone; currently, customer support is by email only and they don’t yet have a mobile app.  

VOXI mobile coverage

Because VOXI runs off the Vodafone network, you need to look to Vodafone coverage in your area. But on the whole, Vodafone is pretty reliable when it comes to steady connections, be that calls, texts, or for data.

99% of users will get 2G, 3G or 4G cover, with 4G being commonplace in towns and cities. Vodafone offers the second-fastest download speeds of the big Four networks, with an average of 25.4Mbps for 4G.

Do remember though to check your coverage before committing to a plan. Although you can always leave VOXI if you’re not getting the level of cover you need, knowing in advance could save you a wee bit of hassle.   

What devices can I get on VOXI?

As we mentioned, VOXI works a bit differently. Because they only offer SIM-only deals, you’ll need to already own your handset.

However, if you choose to buy a handset separately alongside your plan, you’ll be able to get the latest Apple phones (currently, you can register your interest for the iPhone 13), as well Samsung’s, Google’s and Huawei’s newest releases. You’ll also be able to tap into neat extras like Apple TV and cashback.

If you’re looking for a handset, it’s worth weighing up the total cost you’d pay compared to a traditional contract. Perhaps VOXI’s flexibility is worth a few extra pounds a month?

Benefits of VOXI

Here’s VOXI’s USP: You get unlimited (yes, unlimited) data for your social media apps, including Instagram, Facebook and WhatsApp. That’s on top of your standard data allowance. On top of this, you can upgrade your plan to include unlimited data for video and music-streaming services, like YouTube and Spotify.

VOXI’s flexible 30-day rolling contracts mean you’re free to switch your package or leave at any time, and their Refer-a-Friend scheme means you get additional perks for bringing a mate on board.