39% of UK companies planning on investing in Broadband and Ethernet infrastructure in 2018

In a recent survey involving 514 British businesses, it was found that over one third of them planned to help finance new connectivity solutions in the coming year. 17% of participants planned to accommodate their growing broadband demands by installing fibre optic lines.

The survey showed that “superfast fibre broadband” which links businesses to Openreach’s fibre, is the most popular option for small businesses. 18% of companies who have between 10-49 employees and 11% who have less than 9 were planning to help finance this kind of connection.

Medium and large companies were found to be much more likely to invest in new broadband solutions. 27% of medium and 31% of large businesses said they planned to help fund new fibre technology which can allow for speeds reaching multiple gigabits, allowing hundreds of different parties to simultaneously connect with negligible effect on service. 6% planned to connect either the whole or a section of their organisation using the 4G mobile network.

Some companies are still opting for a slower connection and around 7% said they planned to buy ADSL copper line services. Different businesses require completely different levels of service so it’s easy to see how a small local business would not reap the rewards of investing in top of the range broadband solutions.