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Challenger Energy Brands Earn Top Marks for Customer Satisfaction
28. 01. 2020 | Lauren Smith

Medium and small energy companies, many of them green, have...

Vodafone Is the Most Complained About Telecoms Provider
27. 01. 2020 | Lauren Smith

Vodafone annoyed customers of its home broadband, landline phone and...

Top Scientists: Ministers Aren't Doing Enough to Reach 2050 Emissions Targets
27. 01. 2020 | Harry Pererra

Leading scientists have said that expanding Heathrow is incompatible with...

Campaigners Call for Acid Fracking Ban
24. 01. 2020 | Harry Pererra

Activists warn that the UK government’s current moratorium on fracking...

Billions Could be 'Wasted' on New Gas Projects by EU, Report Claims
24. 01. 2020 | Harry Pererra

The European Union is at risk of wasting €29bn of...

TalkTalk Sells Fibre Network Business to CityFibre
23. 01. 2020 | Lauren Smith

TalkTalk has sold its fibre network business, FibreNation, to independent...

A Third of Households Ignoring Potential Savings from Energy Efficiency Measures
22. 01. 2020 | Lauren Smith

36% of households haven’t taken steps to curb their energy...

Every New Home in Wales to be Powered by Green Energy by 2025
21. 01. 2020 | Fergus Cole

Every new home built in Wales from 2025 will be...

Germany to Spend Billions Speeding up Shutdown of Coal Power
21. 01. 2020 | Harry Pererra

The German government will pay billions of euros to its...

Octopus Acquires 70,000 Customers as Engie Pulls Out of UK Domestic Energy Market
21. 01. 2020 | Lauren Smith

Renewable supplier Octopus Energy has acquired French energy giant Engie’s...

Electricity Network to Give Customers Just Eat Vouchers During Power Cuts
20. 01. 2020 | Lauren Smith

Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks (SSEN) will give households in...

British Airways Accused of Polluting More than Major Rivals
17. 01. 2020 | Fergus Cole

British Airways emits up to 45% more carbon per passenger...