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Drax Owners Plan to Become Carbon-Negative Within 10 Years

19. 12. 2019 | Harry Pererra

Once branded as ‘Europe’s biggest polluter’, the owners of the...

Ofcom to Make Broadband Switching Easier

18. 12. 2019 | Lauren Smith

Customers will find it easier to switch between broadband providers,...

Small Energy Firm iSupply Fined £1.5m for Overcharging Customers

17. 12. 2019 | Fergus Cole

Small energy supplier iSupply has been fined £1.5 million by...

Ofcom Bans Mobile Providers from Selling Locked Phones

17. 12. 2019 | Lauren Smith

Mobile phone providers will be banned from selling handsets locked...

Denmark to Build Windfarms on Artificial Islands

17. 12. 2019 | Harry Pererra

The climate and energy ministry of Denmark has revealed new...

Bill for Failed Energy Suppliers Rises as Ovo Claims £13 Million for Rescuing Customers of Spark Energy

16. 12. 2019 | Lauren Smith

Consumers will face even further costs from a string of...

Igloo Energy Receives £20 Million Investment to Power Home Efficiency Business

12. 12. 2019 | Lauren Smith

Challenger energy supplier Igloo has received a £20 million investment...

Competitions Watchdog Approves Ovo's Takeover of SSE

11. 12. 2019 | Lauren Smith

Challenger Ovo will become the UK’s second largest energy supplier,...

A Third of UK Constituencies Struggle with Slow Broadband

10. 12. 2019 | Fergus Cole

More than one in three constituencies in the UK currently...

Minimum Top Up for Many British Gas Pre-Payment Customers to Rise to £5

10. 12. 2019 | Lauren Smith

Most British Gas customers with pre-payment meters will see their...

Awareness of the Energy Price Cap Has Fallen

10. 12. 2019 | Lauren Smith

Only one in five energy customers knows about the energy...

Exclusive: £47.98 bill credit on Shell Energy Broadband’s Superfast Fibre deal

05. 12. 2019 | Harry Pererra

Shell Energy Broadband are offering new customers £47.98 bill credit...