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New Rules Will Make Broadband Switching Easier
29. 09. 2021 | Lauren Smith

A new One Touch Switch service will enable consumers to...

TalkTalk takes significant stake in Freedom Fibre
29. 09. 2021 | Harry Pererra

TalkTalk has taken “significant control” of Freedom Fibre - an...

TalkTalk and Government Offer Job Seekers 6 Months of Free Broadband
28. 09. 2021 | Lauren Smith

Britons searching for work can apply for six months of...

BT announces they will bring forward net zero target by 15 years
27. 09. 2021 | Harry Pererra

BT has announced that it will bring forward its net...

Energy Suppliers Warn They Can’t Absorb Customers of Collapsed Rivals Without Help
27. 09. 2021 | Lauren Smith

Britain’s largest energy suppliers are warning that they could refuse...

Ministers Weighing Ways to Cut Soaring Energy Bills for the Poorest Households
24. 09. 2021 | Lauren Smith

Ministers are considering ways to mitigate the impact of soaring...

Households Likely to Face Another Record Energy Bill Hike in April
22. 09. 2021 | Lauren Smith

Already facing a £139 jump in their energy bills from...

Households on Universal Credit 4 Times as Likely to Be On Prepayment Energy Tariffs, Facing Higher than Average Price Hikes
21. 09. 2021 | Lauren Smith

While millions of households will see a rise in energy...

Bulb Looking for New Finance Amid Gas Price Squeeze
20. 09. 2021 | Lauren Smith

Challenger energy supplier Bulb is scrambling to find funding to...

FibreNest announces launch of UK wholesale service
17. 09. 2021 | Harry Pererra

FibreNest has announced the launch of a new wholesale division,...

Haven Power Rebrands as Drax
16. 09. 2021 | Lauren Smith

Business energy supplier Haven Power has rebranded as Drax after...

People’s Energy and Utility Point Go Bust
15. 09. 2021 | Lauren Smith

Two more energy suppliers have collapsed, leaving half a million...