Fergus Cole

The train line between London and Weymouth is set to be the first in the world to be solar-powered, as a solar farm is due to be plugged in to the track today.

The National Grid has blamed a lightning strike for the huge power cut on August 9, as Ofgem is investigating the blackout.

The UK energy regulator Ofgem has stripped URE Energy of its electricity licence, prompting speculation that it will soon cease trading.

Motorists in the UK should be banned from making calls on hand-free mobile phones, a group of MPs has argued.

The new Premier League season kicks off on Friday with Liverpool hosting Norwich City, so the race is on to find the best broadband and TV deal to cover your footballing needs.

More people in the UK would prefer to have a reliable and consistent broadband connection over ultra-fast speeds, according to Nominet.

The ten warmest years on record in the UK have all occurred since 2002 according to the Met Office, highlighting the impact of climate change.

E.ON has announced that its UK customers are now receiving 100% of their energy from renewable sources at no extra cost.

Over a quarter of a million energy customers have seen their energy bills go up over the last 18 months after their supplier went bust, according to Which?.

Scotland hit record levels of renewable energy generation in the first quarter of 2019, according to the latest government figures.