Fergus Cole

Twenty top British universities have agreed an historic deal to buy green energy directly from wind farms for the first time.

The UK’s Big Six energy suppliers lost over a third of their profits over the last year, according to Ofgem.

Some energy suppliers in the UK have been accused of selling ‘green tariffs’ to customers, despite none of their energy coming from renewable sources.

Ovo Energy will become the second biggest energy supplier in the UK after agreeing a deal to buy SSE’s retail business.

Eversmart Energy has gone into administration, becoming the sixth small energy supplier to bust in 2019 alone.

The UK energy regulator Ofgem has fined French firm ENGIE £2.1 million after one of its traders was found to have manipulated gas prices.

Octopus Energy has agreed to buy out Co-op Energy, taking on the supplier’s 300,000 UK customers.

Bigger and taller phone masts could be built across the UK in a government effort to boost rural mobile reception.

The train line between London and Weymouth is set to be the first in the world to be solar-powered, as a solar farm is due to be plugged in to the track today.

The National Grid has blamed a lightning strike for the huge power cut on August 9, as Ofgem is investigating the blackout.