Fergus Cole

Energy suppliers keep their customers on hold over the phone for an average of six minutes and 50 seconds, according to Which?.

More than 100,000 customers switched to a Big Six energy firm from a challenger supplier in October, according to Energy UK.

The government’s new 2024 smart meter deadline will be impossible to achieve, a report from Energy UK has warned.

Just 10% of the world’s biggest energy companies have so far made commitments to reduce their carbon emissions to net-zero, according to research.

The General Election is just over a month away, but what have the main parties pledged for the UK’s energy market?

Energy supplier GnENERGY has been ordered by the regulator Ofgem to pay its outstanding Renewable Obligations bill.

Toto Energy has gone out of business, becoming the sixteenth energy supplier to go bust in the UK since the start of last year.

Drivers of electric vehicles could soon be using green number plates under Government plans to encourage the uptake of EVs.

Twenty top British universities have agreed an historic deal to buy green energy directly from wind farms for the first time.

The UK’s Big Six energy suppliers lost over a third of their profits over the last year, according to Ofgem.