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Fergus Cole
Fergus Cole

Fergus is a journalist specialising in the personal finance, energy and broadband sectors. He also has a passion for travel and adventure so tries to make the most of this in any spare time he gets.

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Every New Home in Wales to be Powered by Green Energy by 2025
21. 01. 2020 | Fergus Cole

Every new home built in Wales from 2025 will be...

British Airways Accused of Polluting More than Major Rivals
17. 01. 2020 | Fergus Cole

British Airways emits up to 45% more carbon per passenger...

Air Pollution Predicted to Kill Over 160,000 People a Year by 2030
14. 01. 2020 | Fergus Cole

More than 160,000 Brits could die every year due to...

One Million Virgin Media Customers to Get Faster Broadband for Free
09. 01. 2020 | Fergus Cole

Over a million lucky Virgin Media customers will receive a...

Green Energy Production Outstripped Fossil Fuels on Record Number of Days Last Year
07. 01. 2020 | Fergus Cole

More renewable energy was produced than energy from fossil fuels...

Small Energy Firm iSupply Fined £1.5m for Overcharging Customers
17. 12. 2019 | Fergus Cole

Small energy supplier iSupply has been fined £1.5 million by...

A Third of UK Constituencies Struggle with Slow Broadband
10. 12. 2019 | Fergus Cole

More than one in three constituencies in the UK currently...

Energy Customer Left on Hold for an Average of Almost 7 Minutes by Suppliers
04. 12. 2019 | Fergus Cole

Energy suppliers keep their customers on hold over the phone...

Consumers Switching Back to Big Six After Failures of Small Suppliers
26. 11. 2019 | Fergus Cole

More than 100,000 customers switched to a Big Six energy...

Smart Meter Deadline Is Impossible to Reach, Report Warns
15. 11. 2019 | Fergus Cole

The government’s new 2024 smart meter deadline will be impossible...

Just 10% of World's Energy Firms Have Plans to Meet Net-Zero Target
12. 11. 2019 | Fergus Cole

Just 10% of the world’s biggest energy companies have so...

General Election 2019: What Could It Mean for Energy?
08. 11. 2019 | Fergus Cole

The General Election is just over a month away, but...