Michael Quinn

Cityfibre and Vodafone have chosen Aberdeen as the second be part of their 1Gb FTTH venture. The cost of the overall deployment is believed be around £40m.

TalkTalk customers who applied for the new multi room feature will be happy to hear that the ISP is beginning to finally roll it out in the coming months.

Hyperoptic, the self-proclaimed providers of the fastest residential broadband in the country has tested the “fastest home broadband the country has ever seen” at East Village in London.

The SE16 section of Southwark has long been a victim of subpar internet speed, but this is all set to change with Relish Wireless installing the first of many aerial masts in the area.

The Government’s £200m full fibre network fund has another interested local authority with Bexley borough aiming at an £8m bid.

Ofcom has agreed to grant simplifying code powers to new independent ISP Voneus.

Reports indicate that Virgin Media has decided to shelve plans for a cheaper broadband solution.

In a recent survey involving 514 British businesses, it was found that over one third of them planned to help finance new connectivity solutions in the coming year. 17% of participants planned to accommodate their growing broadband demands by installing fibre optic lines.

A survey undertaken by a leading price comparison site found that broadband and mobile customers could be over paying as much as £108 million a month in the UK.

ISP Gateway Telecom has been fined £20,000 by Ofcom after they were found to have broken regulations by “not enabling a customer to keep their telephone number when switching to another provider.”