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Bexley to bid for new full fibre gigabit broadband network


The Government’s £200m full fibre network fund has another interested local authority with Bexley borough aiming at an £8m bid.

The aim of the programme is to create gigabit-capable broadband infrastructure to connect an array of local business and public-sector premises in the London borough.

The £8m is derived from a £5m government grant and £3m delivered from public funding. If it goes through, then £7m will be used to implement the new network and £1m will support the local voucher scheme to help businesses in the area get connected.

Bexley Clinical Commissioning Group, which works alongside the local authority, is hoping to incorporate the help of a service provider to assist in creating the network and help connect various public-sector sites across the borough. The new fibre optic network will also be available for use by ISP’s and businesses operating in the local area.

The new bid is all in line with the local authorities plans for new digital infrastructure which aims to connect all existing homes to high speed internet. They are also pushing for all new developments being built to be able to provide inhabitants with a choice of ISPs providing super or ultrafast broadband.

Don Massey, Deputy Leader of the council, said:

“The bid is part of our ambitious plans to provide Bexley with the very latest Gigabit digital infrastructure. Not only that, it will save money and improve the delivery of public services for years to come.

This bid is part of our ambitious plans to improve the borough’s broadband connectivity,” explained Counsellor Linda Bailey, Cabinet member for Regeneration and Growth.

“We’ve planned the project carefully to support our plans for growth and support local businesses.”

Bexley follows on from other local authorities who have made similar bids to the government and by and large they all follow a similar blueprint, but It waits to be seen which council’s bids will be approved. The government has pledged £200m towards its full fibre network fund with the aim of helping areas across the UK get connected. It might seem like a lot of money, but when considering it is spread across the whole country and the expensive nature of installation costs of full fibre, it may not go as far as you would think.

Michael Quinn
Michael Quinn

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