For an additional £5 a month on their bills, Sky broadband customers will be guaranteed a minimum download speed of 3Mbps in any room in their home.

Broadband users are most discontent in Southampton and Glasgow, with around one in five surveyed customers in those cities saying they were “fed up” with their current service.

Vodafone are throwing in a free Amazon Echo Dot for customers who sign up for their Superfast Fibre 2 broadband deal.

TalkTalk’s FibreNation, the budget ISP’s wholly-owned full fibre network, is targeting Dewsbury for its initial rollout.

Here’s a roundup of some of the best broadband deals available through usave this week:

Sky has launched two ultrafast—full fibre or—broadband deals, with top speeds up to five times faster than those currently offered by the ISP.

Broadband customers are remarkably loyal to their provider, despite the penalties they pay in out-of-contract price hikes.

Many users of standard broadband are happy with the speed they receive or don’t think they use the internet enough to justify upgrading to fibre.

Internet, phone, and pay TV provider Virgin Media is protecting 100,000 of its most vulnerable customers by freezing their prices or automatically switching them onto cheaper deals.

The new Premier League season kicks off on Friday with Liverpool hosting Norwich City, so the race is on to find the best broadband and TV deal to cover your footballing needs.