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BT Landline Customers Face £54/Year Price Hike


BT is upgrading 1.3 million landline customers on heritage landline calling plans to unlimited calling—but they’ll pay up to £54 a year more for the privilege.

From 1 September 2020, customers on a variety of older legacy landline calling plans without mobile calls (some bundled with broadband plans) will be upgraded to BT’s Unlimited Minutes. Unlimited Minutes costs £15 a month and includes unlimited calls to all UK landline and mobile numbers, day or night.

These customers are currently paying at least £10.50 a month for their calling packages, so they’ll see price increases of up to £4.50 a month, or £54 a year. BT says the damage averages out at an additional £1.83 a month or £21.96 a year. 

But remember that £15 fee for calling is on top of the £20.20 a month BT customers typically pay for line rental.

BT didn’t produce a list of the plans which would be affected but said it is currently contacting customers. BT broadband plans won’t be affected but if you’re bundled your broadband with landline calls, expect to see price rises.

Vulnerable customers with fixed voice services, but no broadband, won’t be impacted by the changes.

Customers also don’t have to accept the upgrades. You have 30 days to exit your BT contact without charge once receiving notification of the changes. You can also opt for another BT calling package, although if you make a lot of calls the £15 unlimited plan may work out cheaper.

Alternative plans include:

  • 700 minutes: £7 per month, giving you 700 minutes of landline or mobile calls to any UK number, day or night
  • Pay As You Go: gives you calls to UK landlines and mobile for 20p a minute. However, you’ll need to take out a 24-month broadband contract to access this option and if you make a lot of calls, it won’t be the most cost-effective option.
  • Scrapping your landline altogether and taking out a standalone broadband package. Although of course, you'll still pay line rental.

A BT spokesperson said: “The new calling plans will give customers more simplicity and flexibility over the calls they make. Fully inclusive packages provide customers with financial peace of mind that doesn’t limit their need to stay connected to family and friends. If a customer is unhappy with the new package, we have other options available to replace their outdated plan, such as our Limited Minutes Plan, which includes 700 minutes to call UK mobile and landline numbers for a total of £7 a month or they can opt out for no cost.”

Lauren Smith
Lauren Smith

Lauren Smith has worked as a journalist and copywriter for most of the last decade, covering technology, energy, and consumer rights, in the US and UK.

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