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Vodafone’s SMS Firewall Successfully Reducing Scam Texts
13. 01. 2022 | Lauren Smith

Vodafone’s SMS Firewall, launched at the start of September, has...

Tesco Mobile to Hike the Price of Out-of-Bundle Calls and Texts from February
12. 01. 2022 | Lauren Smith

From 9 February, Tesco Mobile customers will pay more if...

Virgin Mobile O2 Commits to Keeping Free EU Roaming
10. 01. 2022 | Lauren Smith

Customers of O2 and Virgin Mobile will continue to benefit...

Vodafone and EE Delay the Return of EU Roaming Charges
06. 01. 2022 | Lauren Smith

UK customers of Vodafone and EE will get a temporary...

Lib Dems Call for Mandatory Social Tariffs for Broadband and Mobile
29. 12. 2021 | Lauren Smith

The Liberal Democrats are urging the government to push Ofcom...

Smarty to Launch 5G Services in Early 2022
27. 12. 2021 | Lauren Smith

Mobile provider Smarty will switch on 5G services in the...

Mobile Operators Now Banned from Selling Locked Phones
20. 12. 2021 | Lauren Smith

From last Friday, mobile providers can no longer sell handsets...

EE to Upgrade 2,000 Network Sites to Boost Rural 4G Coverage
15. 12. 2021 | Lauren Smith

EE will upgrade more than 2,000 network sites to expand...

EE Scraps Flex Mobile Plans
15. 12. 2021 | Lauren Smith

New customers will no longer be able to sign up...

Vodafone Offers 250,000 Customers Unlimited Data Over Christmas
02. 12. 2021 | Lauren Smith

Vodafone is offering mobile customers a month of unlimited data,...

End of Contract Notifications Saving Broadband and Mobile Customers, Ofcom Says
01. 12. 2021 | Lauren Smith

1.3 million broadband and mobile customers have been prompted to...

Vodafone to Build Wind-Powered Mobile Masts
29. 11. 2021 | Lauren Smith

Vodafone will shortly begin installing self-powered mobile masts equipped with...