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Exclusive Student-Only Broadband Deals On Virgin Media


Virgin Media have an amazing pair of offers for those of you at university who still haven’t sorted out a broadband connection at your new flat.

Virgin Media's two new exclusive student fibre broadband deals offer super fast download speeds without tying you into a 12-month contract - perfect for students who might only be in their flat for 9 months of the year.

Both plans come on one-month rolling contracts. So if you won’t be living in your new flat for a full 12 months (like most students), you can cancel after 7 or 8 months without a fuss!

The plans come with zero setup costs, and with no phone line either - so it’s just pure broadband all the way.

You’ll get super-high average download speed of 213Mbps on the M200 package, and 362Mbps on the M350 package. You’ll also get unlimited downloads - so you can get your work done without having to worry about your Netflix binges maxing out your broadband limits.

The deals are only available until the 20th of October, so don’t leave it too late!

Harry Pererra
Harry Pererra

Harry turns on his experience in journalism and programming to write about the latest news in the world of tech and the environemtn. When he isn’t writing for usave he is working towards his Blue Belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, and prefers dogs to cats.

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