O2 has joined its competitors Three, EE, and Vodafone in inaugurating its 5G network with unlimited data plans – also available for customers in the slow lane with 4G.

Researchers at Google’s security team have uncovered a prolonged attempt to hack Apple’s iPhone devices.

Bigger and taller phone masts could be built across the UK in a government effort to boost rural mobile reception.

A joint industry-academia project NoServiceHere is encouraging mobile users to tweet about their connectivity problems, with the aim of using geotagging to identify dead spots and focus the rollout of future mobile network.

Three has become the third UK mobile operator to launch a fifth generation mobile network, with its 5G going live for home broadband users in London on Monday.

Huawei’s chief executive, Ren Zhengfei, has said that the company is confident that the UK will continue to use its services even though the company is currently locked in a dispute with the US.

Three UK networks have already launched next generation 5G networks, but millions of us are contending with spotty 4G, a new analysis of Ofcom data has revealed.

More people in the UK would prefer to have a reliable and consistent broadband connection over ultra-fast speeds, according to Nominet.

Mobile phone and consumer electronics manufacturer Samsung has warned of upcoming ‘challenges’ as its second quarter sees profits take a tumble due to problems within its chip business.

Londoners will be able to access the internet and make phone calls from anywhere on the Tube network within the next five years, Transport for London has announced.