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Plans Submitted for Wind Farm on Isle of Skye


A proposal has been submitted by developers Wind2 for the development of a new 38MW wind farm on the Scottish Island.

The Ben Sca Wind Farm will be located about 7km east of Dunvegan and 2km south of Edinbane in Scotland.

Wind2 say that the farm will be able to generate enough clean electricity to power just under 35,000 homes via its nine wind turbines.

Those living closest to the farm will be offered the chance to reduce their energy bills. Those within four kilometres of the plant will be offered a £400 contribution towards their electricity bills, or alternatively a £4,500 energy efficiency grant to be used on home upgrades.

Wind2 are also exploring the possibility of communities in the local area being able to buy a stake of up to 5% in the wind farm itself.

The developer says that the benefits package could bring around £5.67 million to the local community over a 30-year period.

Wind2 carried out an ‘extensive study’ before making the application, consulting with the community to determine the impact of the planned project. A full Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) was carried out, examining the locale and the ecological, visual, cultural, and transportation aspects of the potential wind farm.

Frase Mackenzie, Wind2 Development Director, said: “We believe that our project can deliver significant social, economic and environmental benefits to the Isle of Skye and the wider Highland economy.

“We know that we will be able to build and operate this wind farm without any subsidy whilst also reducing the electricity bills of those in the immediate area and delivering other projects of benefit to the community through our proposed community benefit fund. There was clear feedback from those who attended the exhibitions and from those we spoke to on the doorstep in and around Edinbane that energy costs were a real concern. Our energy discount proposal is a practical and tangible response to this message”.

Harry Pererra
Harry Pererra

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