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Southern Electric Reduces Costs for All Broadband and Phone Customers Without an Energy Tariff


Southern Electric (SSE) has decided to remove a surcharge of £5 for the first 12 months on all customers who have a phone and broadband but not an energy tariff.

People who fall under that category will also have their one-off connection fees reduced from £50 to £30.

It isn’t all good news however, even though the surcharge for the first 12 months has been reduced, non-energy customers will have to pay a £9 additional charge each month after the first 12 months has elapsed. It is of course important to remember that SSE does not impose fixed contracts, so consumers are free to leave at any point they wish, without having to pay an exit fee.

The best broadband deals available with SSE are reserved for those who already receive gas or electricity from the supplier, because they do not have to pay a set-up fee or a surcharge. If SSE supply your energy as well as other serviced you can also choose to lock in the monthly cost for up to three years, whereas non-energy customers can only do so for 1 year. The three services that they offer all include unlimited usage as well as a wireless router and complimentary phone rental.

Michael Quinn
Michael Quinn

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