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News archive for 5g

EE Rolls Out 5G to 35 More Locations
12. 04. 2021 | Lauren Smith

As Britain prepares for a summer of staycations, EE’s next-generation...

5G Coverage Expanding But Phones Only Connect 20% of the Time
10. 03. 2021 | Lauren Smith

5G coverage is expanding in the UK, delivering blistering speeds,...

O2 Named Most Reliable Mobile Network
24. 02. 2021 | Lauren Smith

Global Wireless Solutions (GWS) has studied the performance of the...

Ericsson to Replace Huawei Tech in UK’s 5G Network
04. 11. 2020 | Harry Pererra

Major UK cities, including Cardiff, Belfast, Edinburgh, and London, will...

39 BT Engineers Attacked Over Coronavirus 5G Conspiracy Fears
15. 04. 2020 | Lauren Smith

39 engineers working for BT have been verbally and physically...

Phone Masts Vandalised in the UK Over False 5G Coronavirus Claims
07. 04. 2020 | Harry Pererra

Government and industry sources believe that at least 20 mobile...

Tesco Mobile Launches 5G in 24 Cities
04. 03. 2020 | Lauren Smith

Tesco Mobile has launched data packages using O2’s growing 5G...

Three’s 5G to Launch in 65 Locations By the End of the Month
17. 02. 2020 | Lauren Smith

Three will join its rivals and finally launch a 5G...

BT Launches 5G in 50 UK Locations
11. 02. 2020 | Fergus Cole

All BT Mobile customers can now access 5G after the...

Three Admits Rollout of Their 5G Network is “Slightly” Delayed
26. 11. 2019 | Lauren Smith

Mobile operator Three conceded that the rollout of their next...

Virgin Mobile to Ditch EE for Vodafone
12. 11. 2019 | Lauren Smith

Virgin Mobile will operate on Vodafone’s network infrastructure from late...

O2 Launches Unlimited Mobile Data Plans
18. 09. 2019 | Lauren Smith

O2 has joined its competitors Three, EE, and Vodafone in...