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News archive for brexit

Virgin Mobile O2 Commits to Keeping Free EU Roaming
10. 01. 2022 | Lauren Smith

Customers of O2 and Virgin Mobile will continue to benefit...

Vodafone and EE Delay the Return of EU Roaming Charges
06. 01. 2022 | Lauren Smith

UK customers of Vodafone and EE will get a temporary...

Vodafone to Reintroduce Mobile Roaming Charges in Europe in 2022
10. 08. 2021 | Lauren Smith

Vodafone has become the second mobile operator to reintroduce roaming...

EE to Introduce Mobile Roaming Charges in Europe in January
28. 06. 2021 | Lauren Smith

Mobile operator EE will become the first network to reintroduce...

Shopping bills on track to rise this autumn, says BRC
04. 06. 2021 | Harry Pererra

Consumer shopping bills could increase in autumn as costs rise...

Free EU Roaming to Stay (For Now), Mobile Operators Say
29. 12. 2020 | Lauren Smith

All four UK’s mobile operators have confirmed that, at least...

Brits Could Lose Free EU Mobile Roaming from 2021
31. 01. 2020 | Lauren Smith

The government has warned that Britons’ entitlement to free mobile...

US Bans Mention of Climate Crisis in Trade Talks with UK
31. 12. 2019 | Harry Pererra

An analysis of leaked documents has shown that the US...

European Investment Bank to Become First 'Climate Bank'
19. 11. 2019 | Harry Pererra

The European Investment Bank is positioning itself as the world’s...

Top Barclays Banker: Brexit Deal is Acceptable
22. 10. 2019 | Lauren Smith

A leading banker has said that Boris Johnson’s new Brexit...

High Electricity Imports Fuel Fears of Post-Brexit Energy Price Hike
03. 09. 2019 | Lauren Smith

The UK has become more reliant on electricity imported from...

Brexit Could Mean Gas Shortages, Industry Leader Warns
01. 07. 2019 | Lauren Smith

The UK could be vulnerable to gas shortages and price...