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News archive for coronavirus

Greenhouse Gas Emissions Climb as People Return to Work
21. 07. 2020 | Harry Pererra

The ‘carbon savings’ attributed to the COVID-19 lockdown measures have...

CMA Warns Holiday Firms to Comply with Refunds or ‘Face Legal Action’
Personal Finance
16. 07. 2020 | Harry Pererra

The Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) has warned over 100...

MPs Call for Greener Economic Recovery
30. 06. 2020 | Harry Pererra

MPs have called on the government to accelerate green investments...

Green Economic Recovery is Supported by UK Public, Says New Report
25. 06. 2020 | Harry Pererra

A new report has found that the UK public would...

Destruction of Nature Causes Pandemics, Say UN and WHO
23. 06. 2020 | Harry Pererra

Leaders at the UN, WHO and WWF International have said...

Government Has Legal Obligation to Review Air Pollution Goals, Say Lawyers
19. 06. 2020 | Harry Pererra

A group of lawyers is insisting that the UK government...

MPs: Over One Million Missing Out on Coronavirus Income Support
Personal Finance
16. 06. 2020 | Harry Pererra

Over one million people are missing out on the government...

Green Recovery Could Create 700k Jobs by 2030
15. 06. 2020 | Lauren Smith

Invest in decarbonisation to create hundreds of thousands of jobs...

Green Recovery Plans at Risk Due to Coronavirus Aid for Fossil Fuel Industries
12. 06. 2020 | Harry Pererra

Campaigners have warned that the UN climate talks are at...

Ban on Landlords Evicting Renters Extended by Two Months
10. 06. 2020 | Harry Pererra

A two-month extension to the ban on evicting renters during...

UK Coronavirus Relief Scheme Benefits Airlines and Carmakers
09. 06. 2020 | Harry Pererra

Despite ministers assuring that a green recovery from the COVID-19...

Government Hands £450 Million Bailout to Energy Suppliers
08. 06. 2020 | Lauren Smith

Ofgem has thrown a £450 million lifeline to energy suppliers...