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News archive for energy price cap

Energy Suppliers Say the Price Cap is Driving Them out of Business
13. 10. 2021 | Lauren Smith

Energy suppliers contend that the price cap shielding customers from...

Energy Bills Could Rise 30% in 2022
11. 10. 2021 | Lauren Smith

Consumers could see their energy bills rise by30% in the...

Ministers Weighing Ways to Cut Soaring Energy Bills for the Poorest Households
24. 09. 2021 | Lauren Smith

Ministers are considering ways to mitigate the impact of soaring...

Households Likely to Face Another Record Energy Bill Hike in April
22. 09. 2021 | Lauren Smith

Already facing a £139 jump in their energy bills from...

Households on Universal Credit 4 Times as Likely to Be On Prepayment Energy Tariffs, Facing Higher than Average Price Hikes
21. 09. 2021 | Lauren Smith

While millions of households will see a rise in energy...

Households Could Be Automatically Switched to Cheaper Energy Deals
26. 07. 2021 | Lauren Smith

The government will extend the energy price cap beyond its...

British Gas to Raise Prices £97 from April
17. 02. 2021 | Lauren Smith

Millions of British Gas customers will pay nearly £100 a...

Energy Price Cap Expected to Rise £80 from April
26. 01. 2021 | Lauren Smith

Ofgem’s next adjustment of the energy price cap, to take...

Ofgem Proposes £21 Increase to Price Cap to Offset Pandemic Debts
23. 11. 2020 | Lauren Smith

11 million households could see their annual energy bills rise...

Government Extends Price Cap to End of 2021
20. 10. 2020 | Lauren Smith

The energy price cap, limiting the amount suppliers can charge...

Energy Price Cap Could Rise to Cover Coronavirus Defaults
17. 09. 2020 | Lauren Smith

The energy regulator could allow suppliers to hike bills as...

15m Households to Benefit from Lower Energy Bills
10. 08. 2020 | Harry Pererra

Following the tumbling of wholesale energy prices during the COVID-19...