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Alt Networks Insist Rollout of Full Fibre Must Continue During Lockdown
23. 04. 2020 | Lauren Smith

The Independent Networks Co-operative Association (INCA) has said the delivery...

Alternative Full Fibre ISPs Expanded Coverage by 50% in 2019
09. 04. 2020 | Lauren Smith

Independent full-fibre broadband networks expanded their coverage by 50% in...

FibreNation Extends FTTP Network to Bolton
24. 03. 2020 | Lauren Smith

FibreNation has announced its first build outside of Yorkshire, with...

6 in 10 Households Can Now Access 100+Mbps Broadband
25. 02. 2020 | Lauren Smith

The majority of UK households can now sign up to...

Central London Street is First to be Served by Three Full-Fibre Networks
13. 02. 2020 | Lauren Smith

Across the UK just 12% of properties can access full-fibre...

Sky to Launch Full Fibre Packages Via Openreach
10. 02. 2020 | Lauren Smith

Sky will shortly launch its first broadband packages making using...

TalkTalk Sells Fibre Network Business to CityFibre
23. 01. 2020 | Lauren Smith

TalkTalk has sold its fibre network business, FibreNation, to independent...

3 in 4 New Build Homes Connected to Full Fibre Broadband
23. 07. 2019 | Lauren Smith

More than 75% (77.8%) of new homes are being built...

Boris Johnson Pledges Accelerated Full Fibre Delivery but Plans Lack Detail, Industry Cautions
20. 06. 2019 | Lauren Smith

Boris Johnson pledged that every home in Britain would have...

Virgin Trialling Hyperfast 8GBps Broadband Connections
08. 02. 2019 | Fiona Dattan

Eight households in Papworth, Cambridgeshire are taking part in a...

Gov Launches Plans for Nationwide Mandatory Full-Fibre Coverage
24. 07. 2018 | Lauren Smith

All new build homes will be fitted with full-fibre broadband...