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News archive for openreach

Openreach Reaches 3 Million Premises with Full-Fibre
16. 07. 2020 | Lauren Smith

Openreach’s rollout of its full-fibre network has pushed ahead this...

Openreach FTTP Reaches 80k Premises in Edinburgh
10. 07. 2020 | Lauren Smith

80,000 households in Edinburgh are now connected to Openreach’s gigabit-capable...

Openreach Full Fibre Hits 40% Coverage in Northern Ireland, Aims for 20% More
25. 06. 2020 | Lauren Smith

While full-fibre coverage across the UK lags at just 12%,...

Openreach Resumes Some Home Broadband Installations
19. 05. 2020 | Lauren Smith

Openreach engineers are beginning a “phased return” to home visits,...

Broadband Firms’ Extra Demand Due to Coronavirus is Not an Issue
19. 03. 2020 | Harry Pererra

Broadband companies in the UK say that the increased demand...

6 in 10 Households Can Now Access 100+Mbps Broadband
25. 02. 2020 | Lauren Smith

The majority of UK households can now sign up to...

Central London Street is First to be Served by Three Full-Fibre Networks
13. 02. 2020 | Lauren Smith

Across the UK just 12% of properties can access full-fibre...

Sky to Launch Full Fibre Packages Via Openreach
10. 02. 2020 | Lauren Smith

Sky will shortly launch its first broadband deals making using...

Sky Launches Broadband, with 100Mbps Minimum Speed Guarantee
22. 10. 2019 | Lauren Smith

Sky has launched its ultrafast broadband, with prices starting...

Full Fibre Would Boost UK Economy by £59 Billion, Openreach Says
15. 10. 2019 | Lauren Smith

Connecting every British premise to a full-fibre broadband network by...

Openreach to Cut Wholesale Prices of Full Fibre Connections to Bring ISPs and Customers on Board
26. 07. 2019 | Lauren Smith

Openreach (BT) will slash wholesale prices on its around 1.5...

UK Residents to Gain Right to High-Speed Internet Access from March 2020
10. 06. 2019 | Michael Quinn

Every resident in the UK will have the legal right...