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News archive for virgin media

Virgin Launches Cheap Broadband Deal for Universal Credit Recipients
31. 08. 2020 | Lauren Smith

Virgin Media has announced plans to launch a 15Mbps cable...

Liverpool and Edinburgh Next in Line to Get Virgin’s Gigabit Speeds
07. 07. 2020 | Lauren Smith

Virgin Media has added Liverpool and Edinburgh to the list...

Virgin Upgrades Some Customers to 600Mbps Broadband for Free
17. 06. 2020 | Lauren Smith

Virgin Media is boosting speeds on their top-tier Oomph TV...

Virgin Media to Disappear from High Streets
28. 05. 2020 | Lauren Smith

The Virgin Media brand will vanish from the high street,...

O2 and Virgin Discussing Merger
04. 05. 2020 | Lauren Smith

Mobile network O2 is in talks to merge with Virgin...

Broadband Firms’ Extra Demand Due to Coronavirus is Not an Issue
19. 03. 2020 | Harry Pererra

Broadband companies in the UK say that the increased demand...

Virgin Media to Launch Gigabit Broadband in the West Midlands
28. 02. 2020 | Fergus Cole

More than a million homes in the West Midlands will...

6 in 10 Households Can Now Access 100+Mbps Broadband
25. 02. 2020 | Lauren Smith

The majority of UK households can now sign up to...

One Million Virgin Media Customers to Get Faster Broadband for Free
09. 01. 2020 | Fergus Cole

Over a million lucky Virgin Media customers will receive a...

Ofcom to Make Broadband Switching Easier
18. 12. 2019 | Lauren Smith

Customers will find it easier to switch between broadband providers,...

Virgin Media Brings Gigabit Broadband to Third City
28. 11. 2019 | Lauren Smith

Reading will join Greater Manchester and Southampton as the first...

£75 bill credit on Virgin Media’s M50 Fibre Broadband + Phone package
18. 10. 2019 | Harry Pererra

Virgin Media are offering a massive £75 bill credit on...