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Vodafone and Virgin Most Complained About Telecoms Providers
21. 11. 2019 | Lauren Smith

Vodafone Home Broadband and Virgin Media are on Ofcom’s naughty...

Virgin Mobile to Ditch EE for Vodafone
12. 11. 2019 | Lauren Smith

Virgin Mobile will operate on Vodafone’s network infrastructure from late...

EXCLUSIVE: Best Broadband Deals This Week 27/08/19
24. 08. 2019 | Harry Pererra

Here's a roundup of some of the best broadband deals...

Virgin Media to Automatically Switch Vulnerable Customers to Better Deals
11. 08. 2019 | Lauren Smith

Internet, phone, and pay TV provider Virgin Media is protecting...

Virgin Media Commits to Using 100% Renewable Electricity
30. 07. 2019 | Lauren Smith

The telecoms giant is the latest firm to sign up...

Exclusive: Best Broadband & Mobile Deals This Week
30. 07. 2019 | Harry Pererra

We've put together a rundown of some great exclusive broadband...

Virgin Boosts Broadband Upload Speeds—and Raises Prices
03. 07. 2019 | Lauren Smith

Customers subscribed to Virgin’s ultrafast broadband packages will soon see...

Virgin Media Trials Wireless to Deliver Gigabit Broadband to Rural Customers
27. 06. 2019 | Lauren Smith

Virgin Media has launched a trial using wireless radio signals...

Virgin and TalkTalk Broadband Customers Hit Hardest by Post-Contract Price Increases
17. 06. 2019 | Lauren Smith

Virgin Media and TalkTalk broadband subscribers who fail to negotiate...

Weekly Roundup: Mobile, Broadband & Energy News 08/02/19
08. 02. 2019 | Fergus Cole

Here's a roundup of the week's top broadband, mobile, and...

Vodafone and Virgin Top Ofcom Complaints Charts
01. 02. 2019 | Anna Thomas

Telecoms regulator Ofcom revealed that Vodafone and Virgin are the...

Broadband, Mobile & Energy News: Weekly Roundup 14/01/18
14. 01. 2019 | Harry Pererra

Here's a rundown of some of last week's top stories...