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Three Eyes Up Commercial Market


Mobile operator three UK is planning an upgrade of their current infrastructure which will allow for a foray into the lucrative world of business broadband as well as laying the foundation for 5G.

Three already offers small business broadband tariffs but is looking to branch out to medium and large sized organisations as well.

Initially Three had hoped that a merger with O2 would be their way into the commercial market but unfortunately for them the move was blocked by Ofcom and the CMA back in 2016. Both groups were worried that having  three rather than four main mobile network operators would detrimentally affect competition in the sector which would result in less choice for customers.

Since this initial setback, Three has been increasing its network coverage by obtaining various smaller broadband providers including UK Broadband and Relish Wireless.

Three will be complete newcomers in the business broadband sector, looking to build their customer base from scratch but the network has already done this in Austria and Ireland by building up clients through acquisitions. Three is expected to start rolling out business services in 2019 once any outstanding upgrades to their network are completed.


Michael Quinn
Michael Quinn

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