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Virgin Media Offering New Student Deals


Broadband giant Virgin Media has decided to bring in a new range of internet packages which will cater towards students.

The new offers will feature a monthly rolling contract with pricing being very similar to those on a 12-month contract, offering greater flexibility to students.

Generally, students will require the same amount of bandwidth that a normal family or professional household would need, especially in larger, shared houses. The new offerings will include Virgin’s current services including TV packages, high speed broadband with perks like unlimited usage not being sacrificed for the extra flexibility. The main difference with students when compared with normal households is that while the former will generally stay in a residence for a number of years student accommodation is generally only occupied for 9 months. This can cause issues for students who will generally have to sign up to extensive, 12, 18 or even 24 months contracts, with many students struggling to make payments.

BT and Virgin have previously offered 9 month contracts to students before but Virgin have now outdone their rivals by offering monthly rolling contracts which will be available for a very similar price to longer term contracts. As with all Virgin contracts customers can expect to receive a wireless router, and license to use of any Virgin hotspots, as well as TV and landline (if they choose them) and email services. Below are the deals which will be made available with the student contract.

Vivid 50 broadband only (average speed 54Mbps) £33
Vivid 100 broadband only (average speed 108Mbps) £38
Vivid 200 broadband only (average speed 213Mbps) £43
Vivid 350 broadband only (average speed 362Mbps) £48
Vivid 50 broadband and phone (average speed 54Mbps) £40
Vivid 100 broadband and phone (average speed 108Mbps). £45
Vivid 200 broadband and phone (average speed 213Mbps) £50
Vivid 350 broadband and phone (average speed 362Mbps) £55
Player TV bundle and vivid 50 broadband (average speed 54Mbps) and phone £48

No doubt this offering will come as a welcome relief to many students, with internet not exactly being cheap and university being a struggle financially it can be real pain to pay for a service you are not currently using. Any would be students wanting to take advantage of the new deal will need to order before October 2018, no doubt Virgin will receive a deluge of requests on the 31st in line with your typical students “leave it till the last-minute mentality”.

Michael Quinn
Michael Quinn

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