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Health Insurance for Couples

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Last updated: 03 September 2020

If you are married, in a civil partnership, or in a stable, long term relationship, you can get healthcare insurance for you and your partner under one package.  Private healthcare insurance covers the medical costs of private healthcare treatments, meaning that you and your partner can avoid stressful visits to the hospital and get faster and more personal care.

What is joint health insurance?

With joint health insurance, you and your partner will be able to cover the costs of private healthcare by paying for premiums (the amount that the insurance costs) together.  This will allow you to skip long wait times in NHS hospitals, as well as often providing a private room when you are being treated, rather than staying in a large ward in an NHS hospital.  You will still be able to use NHS services, but any private medical (unfinished sentence)

What is covered by joint health Insurance?

Joint health insurance covers all of the same aspects of healthcare that an individual private medical insurance package would.  What is covered by your plan is determined by the one that you choose, with higher premiums meaning more comprehensive cover.  It is important to compare health insurance packages to find the right deal for you and your health.  This usually comes with the options from three tiers of cover:

  • Basic – usually includes inpatient hospital treatment, medication, and cover for some cancer patients
  • Moderate – also includes outpatient costs as well as the basic cover
  • Comprehensive – in addition to the above, this also usually includes mental health and physiotherapy cover
Depending on the policy that you choose, healthcare covered by health insurance plans can include:

  • Dentistry
  • Eye care
  • Physiotherapy
  • Homeopathy
  • Pregnancy care and postnatal maternity care
  • Mental health treatment and support

What are the benefits of health insurance for couples?

The main benefit of taking out a single policy with your partner is that the premiums that you will be charged will be cheaper than if you took out separate individual packages.

On top of this, having a joint health insurance deal means that you will only have to deal with a single policy.  This will mean only having one bill, less paperwork to deal with and a single port of call if you need to make a claim.  With all of the stresses of healthcare that we have to go through, being able to make the process simpler can make it easier for both you and your partner and allow you to focus more on recovery.

However, it is worth thinking about what yours and your partner’s healthcare needs are.  Under a joint health insurance scheme, you will not be able to tailor your package to suit your own individual needs.  So if one of you might require significantly more treatment than the other, it could be worth going for separate individual plans.

How do we apply for health insurance for couples?

In the same way as when you apply for individual health insurance, you and your partner will be asked a series of questions so that insurers can calculate your risks and how much your premiums will cost.  These will often include questions about your age, medical history and lifestyle, such as whether you smoke or your alcohol consumption.

Although this may sound strange, where you live may be taken into account, as insurers consider some areas to be of higher risk than others.  For example, those who live in Central London will be considered at higher risk than someone who lives in the countryside, with factors such as pollution having an impact on your health.

Remember that insurers give discounts to those who live healthier lifestyles, so if you quit smoking or cut down on your alcohol intake, you will be able to get cheaper premiums.  So not only is this better for your overall health, but also healthier for your wallet!

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